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Sexy Sundae review

Summary: Sexy Sundae features a 20-something blonde playing around with her boyfriend in series of pictures and videos. Unfortunately quality disappoints greatly. Especially the pictures need immediate improvement. Overall it is not worth the money at the moment.

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Score 55.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-03-05

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Intro promises

Some girls just have a sex drive that canít be controlled, and from the looks of tour to the Sexy Sundae site, thatís what youíre going to be getting. Plenty of free material is offered, and youíll be impressed with the snap shots of snatch shots they supply. The real promises are spelled out on the sign up page, where they let you know this exclusive content comes to you in the form of; high quality photos, full length, downloadable movies, a store, live webcam, a fan club and there is even a love advice area. Even the advertising images show how comfortable she is with her thighs parted and a vibrator in her right hand ready to satisfy herself... while she satisfies you.

First impression

From the tour Iím not really seeing anything that is so different it really creates an excitement to get in and get started, but I hold hope that membership will have a nice twist to it. Thereís no doubt this girl enjoys her sex, especially when itís captured on film. I do like her tour area, with the flowers that look like something from the 60ís and then the fluttering butterflies that sweep to and from across the page.


30 day $24.99 (recurring)
90 day $59.99 (recurring)
180 day $119.99 (non recurring)

Credit card, Check


Our opinion

The butterflies have fluttered their way into the membership area to this site as well, but it gives a pretty animation that isnít distracting but rather it makes you feel a little more personal somehow. Itís going to take you mere seconds to find your way around this site, everything is laid out with simplicity. You have your links across the top and then images that are active links as well, with a nice write up here and there between the shots. She seems to be a pretty head-strong girl, standing her sexual ground and doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants to whomever she wants, because this is her personal site. Sites that promise and then not deliver are one of her pet peeves, she makes it clear that you will get plenty of nudity and sex from her, and the reason being is that she likes it that much.

Thereís not a huge amount of galleries to this site, but they have broken them down by category, such as, new toy, misc. pictures, glamour pics, etc. All 25 folders seem to be a bit mixed and matched between posed shots and screen caps, if they arenít screen caps then they definitely werenít professionally shot images, thereís a lot of movement present with the lighting and clarity not being the best. This really comes across in my opinion as a personal amateur site, or at least thatís what it makes me think of in regards to the pictures. The topic of some of the pictures isnít bad, but... I found myself wanting to yawn for the most part, I mean, you have this pretty blonde laying back on the sofa with her legs spread, crotch out in the afternoon air and a vibrator against her clit, and what is she doing, turning around to look out the window... not too convincing in my book. The folders hold different amounts, Iíve seen some under 20 pics while others are around 90. The pictures open in some fancy pop-up layer, that unfortunately makes it completely impossible to save them to your harddrive. Thankfully zip files are provided for each set. While the thumbs are 145x112, the actual pictures are 640x480.

Unfortunately, in this reviewerís opinion, the quality didnít increase any in the video area. You have basically 38 episodes here, ranging in time from nearly 3 minutes to nearly 10 minutes, so again, that varies as well. Your formats are MPEG and WMV, but neither one really played outstanding quality, which is a shame because sheís doing her best at being hot. My main complaint as far as the action goes, would be that she paid too much attention to the camera, in the throes of passion, when the eyes keep moving to the lens, causing a loss of sort in reality in my opinion. There was a lot of graininess to the play, and even on some that were a bit more in tune, there was just enough of a blur here and there, it downgraded the quality number for me. The video sizes were nice, that wasnít the issue, for the MPEG play they came in at 640x480, while the WMV held a video size of 720x480. Iím not sure what the problem was, but there are some faulty filaments that hampers the enjoyment.

Youíll find a link leading you to her webcam schedule for the month, with a public show that she does on a monthly basis to show her appreciation. I wanted to check out the store area, to see what she might be selling, but instead of finding prices and products, I was greeted with a message saying that she has been too busy to get the store part of this website up, but that it would be by December. Hmmm, this is now the latter part of February folks! If you happen to be a fan of Sexy Sundae, an address is supplied for you to write to, along with an area to ask questions on love/sex advice or anything you would want. Check out her contests and who knows, maybe you could star in a photo shoot or video with her.


I had a feeling of lull when going through Sexy Sundae's tour area and nothing inside of the membership perked me up. Itís hard-core, it shows your usual sucking and fucking and pretty lingerie, but the quality that these things were presented in, might be the thing to keep you from joining up here. In this reviewerís opinion the membership price is too high to justify what youíre getting here.

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