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Trinity Morgana review

Summary: Trinity Morgana refers to herself as the Pagan princess of porn, and she definitely deserves a better site than this. All that is on the site is poor screencaps and short movie clips without any apparent structure.

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Score 30.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-11-14

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Intro promises

“Want to see me get FUCKED silly? Want to see me suck, gag and deepthroat big cocks! Want to see the Pagan Princess of Porn in all her naughty glory? GET YOUR PORN ON!”

First impression

Trinity Morgana is a sexy Wiccan adult star in her mid-thirties who calls herself the Pagan Princess of Porn. She’s appeared in Penthouse and has been photographed by some of the world’s best erotic photographers, including J. Stephen Hicks and Joe Farace. She has also feature danced in numerous strip clubs all over the world (including Scores, Pure Platinum and Spearmint Rhino) and has shot over one hundred hardcore scenes. Trinity Morgana’s official website offers a small sampling of unimpressive photos and videos of the Pagan Princess of Porn in action.


$19.95 for thirty days.

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Our opinion

Honestly, Trinity Morgana’s site is one of the most poorly designed websites I have ever seen — the layout makes absolutely no sense at all. The main member’s area looks like shit and is confusing as all hell. For example, why the heck is there a shopping cart on this site?! Do members have to pay extra to download content or is the shopping cart to be used for some other reason, like to organize members’ favorite photosets and videos? I honestly do not know and there’s no FAQ or even brief welcome message to help me figure out what the shopping cart is for. (I later determined that the shopping cart is used in conjunction with the slideshow feature on the site — basically, if you add a few pics to the shopping cart, you can watch ‘em all in a little slideshow.) Also, why is there a prompt at the top of the right side of the page to register and/or log in? Aren’t I already logged in? And what do I need to register for?!

With regards to content, Trinity Morgana’s site contains a handful of photos and streaming videos (that’s right: streaming videos! None of the videos on this site can be downloaded!). As far as I can tell, the photos consist of a single gigantic high resolution black and white photo of Trinity Morgana in bed, a picture of our heroine walking along a beach fully clothed and a boatload of really crummy screen captures of the Pagan Princess of Porn getting fucked by out of shape shitheads. There are twenty-eight pages of photos, most of which are screen caps that are repeated again and again and again. And the videos? Well, they are grainy and short (some of ‘em are only a few seconds long!). The videos document even more of Trinity Morgana’s couplings with gross fat guys and are truly a gift from God (I am being sarcastic).

I did a little research (okay, I just Googled “Trinity Morgana”) and learned that this site has been online for over a year now (!) and took six months to build (!!). And it took two webmasters to create it! How is that even possible?! How can a site this lousy take six months and two webmasters to create? And how can a site that’s been online for so long have so little content on it? So many questions, so few answers...


I can’t in good conscious recommend Trinity Morgana’s site to anyone, not even my worst enemy. Give your money to Osama bin Laden for all I care, just don’t give it to the webmasters of this site! If Trinity Morgana wants twenty bucks a month from her members, then she’s gonna have give them something in return.

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