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SimonScans review

Summary: Simonscans is an amateur photography/studio site featuring 120,000+ original and exclusive photos, downloadable in a zip format, and a small video section offered in WMV and MPEG formats.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Andreas, 2002-08-28

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Videos, Babes, Movies


Intro promises

51989 Images online
90 girls but 0 guys
All photos are original

First impression

There aren't too many intro promises, but a fairly large sample page with a couple of very nice looking girls. Before joining, you can also see the "What's new" section - however, on these pages only thumbnails are accessible.


$19.95 per month, recurring
$39.90 for two months non recurring
$89.90 for six months, non recuring
All prices are through CCBill with credit card or online check

Our opinion

Once inside, you'll see a very clean navigation menu without any illustrations.
You can choose to browse the archive either by model name or by date. Depending on what method you choose, there are 20 or 25 subpages with thumbnails. But beware, these are only thumbnails to whole series.
So each thumbnail leads to a section with 30-160 images, depending on the model.

Each series is organized in thumbnail pages, which makes navigation a breeze. In addition to that, you can also download each series as a zip-file.

The quality of the pictures is absolutely great. The high-resolution scans come in brilliant colors and are for the most part incredibly sharp. It is worth to mention, that only feature girls and girl-girl series. To prevent the series from getting too dull, the girls are often equipped with a toy from Simon's toolbox - or they just finger themselves.

Also, the series are shot at different locations, which makes them interesting to look at. Simon and some of his models were recently on a trip to Ibiza, among other things to shoot lots more pictures on more exotic locations.
As for the girls, they are mostly good looking amateur models. Not the vamped, silicone-pumped porn stereotypes, but fresh looking, natural girls.
There are also a couple of videos, but as Simon states himself, this section is rather a bit neglected. However, if you have - or are willing to download - a DivX player, there is a couple of hours of entertainment there. also offers a small BBS, where you can post comments and requests to Simon or the models. Finally, you're able to see a selection of single high-resolution pictures from, a site which is establishing a partnership with.

Conclusion is a site without frills. Sweet girls showing off, very good quality pictures, a couple of videos, and that's about it. But the amount and quality of the pictures together with a fair price make Simonscan a site you simply have to take a closer look at! One of the best amateur sites out there.


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Total average: 90.3/100 Our score: 90.0/100

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