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Summary: XXX Space Girls is a photography/studio site with fetish content. With 300,000 images and videos and daily pornstar updates of exclusive material. Picture screenshot
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J C, 2005-02-05

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Intro promises


"A brand "NEW" feature for all XXX Space Girls members! Featuring 1000's of Exclusive Pornstar Movies Updated Daily! Just reenter your password and enjoy. Xxx Movie Theatre includes the following Categories: Xxx Horror Movies, General Admission, Exclusive Behind The Scenes, Exclusive Galaxy Girl Productions, Full Screen Movies, Full Length Movie Scenes."

First impression

This kind of pornography has always intrigued me. I guess I'm a little surprised there's a definitive market for it. The look of the intro photographs seems quite professional, and the abundance of pornstars should be a plus, too. It all appears to be surprisingly credible as a website and a genre.


Our opinion

The website is essentially divided up according to the sister sites. At the top, you'll find text links to everything, as well as a place to click for the most recent updates (and you'll see that they do in fact update some aspect of the network every day). Below that you'll find links that lead to the network sites for the space stuff, the horror, a normal pornstar gallery site, hentai, another normal pornstar site, fetish stuff, and a few other sites that don't fit with the theme. I'm going to focus on the space site only. Even though the intro and everything mentions horror stuff, etc., those really are completely separate websites on the network.

The site design itself doesn't really integrate the theme as well as it should, either. It's a pretty basic job done with visible tables and plain black backgrounds. I think all the network sites should have been kept separate to help the overall feel and atmosphere. All the silver, shiny stuff that you'd find on the intro/tour pages is gone now. It's too often that the tour pages are much more complex and visually interesting than the member section. Let's see some effort put into both. The pages are full of weird little graphics that are placed there just to look cool. There's very little conformity within the site.

Also, keep the sound down or off while viewing this thing. They have this annoying little hum thing in the background, and when you get into some of the galleries and such, you're "treated" to a bunch of sound effects when you click on stuff. It's all pretty childish and unneeded.

Another thing that's not so great, but really doesn't matter all that much, is that when you're trying to navigate through the layouts next doesn't mean next. Next means previous. You're on page one and you click next, you go to the last page (currently 25). It's odd. There are only a few layouts per page, but you get a good size description/narrative to guide your decision. Also, if the scene contains hardcore, it'll be represented here, which is nice.

When choosing a gallery to look at, you have two choices, the layout and the gallery. The layout showcases about three pictures on separate pages with a little bit of accompanying text and graphic work. Eventually, you'll be led to the gallery, but only if you click on next. If you click on the picture itself, you'll see the picture. I think that's a little pointless. The picture is already big enough. The only thing seeing a bigger version will do is show you what was photoshopped in on the layout page. That cartoon alien with the giant dong ain't really part of the photo. Although it probably should be. You really might as well click on the gallery and skip the sound effects and the story.

Depending on how recently updated the galleries are, the style differs. On some of the oldest stuff, the thumbnails are way too small. You can barely tell there's a girl in there. There's no navigation once you click on a picture, either. For the newer ones, you do get some in picture navigation, which is good. You also get decent sized thumbnails. More can and should be fit onto a page, in my opinion, but as long as you can see them, it works. Something else you get with the newer stuff is the option to click over to more stuff. You can check out a movie clip, if available, go to the layout view (for whatever reason), and most importantly, go to the main vault for that girl. Here you can see a bio and link over to all of the star's galleries within the entire network. This is as close as you'll get to any type of search function, so take advantage of it.

The older stuff I mentioned is mostly from when the site first started and still tried to maintain a continuous narrative thread. Down at the bottom of the gallery/layout search pages, you'll see a box that contains the various chapters. All of these can be found by just searching through the site normally, but it gives you a hint of what the site used to be. It used to be shittier quality design for sure, but it upheld a more consistent storyline involving these girls.

Real quick, back to the pictures. Like I alluded to earlier, these are very professional. I like the futuristic backdrops and the various props are quite clever as well. It's obvious that a lot of effort went into creating these photo sets. The image quality is quite nice as well. Most people wouldn't be able to spot any bad spots or gradation.

Also, I should mention that the videos aren't that great, either. They are technically all part of another site on the network. If you want to see a little bit of behind the scenes stuff, then I suppose you could click here. With the constant flashing of the camera, it's not really erotic. Also the camerawork is surprisingly bad. One I watched just jumped all over the place, constantly zooming, losing focus of both the image and what they were doing. Another panned over to the backdrop, leaving the girls completely out of the frame for at least five seconds. The site defaults at streaming video, but you can also download it. The picture quality is only so-so and looks a lot better the smaller it is (even the advertised full screen stuff).


Conformity is a huge problem in terms of the design and navigation. The girls are good, recognizable porn stars. They're performing in an impressive environment. I just wish the venue met those standards. I appreciate the story and the built up narrative, but I certainly didn't need it. There isn't as much content as there probably could or should be, but there's still enough here to keep you busy for a while.


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