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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Did you charge my credit card?

No. The porn reviews, picture samples and everything that we offer, is completely free. We do not have anything to do with memberships to the sites that we have reviewed or link to.

Who charged my credit card then?

A pay site that you recently signed up for, most likely charged your credit card.

How do I stop it?

Please see How do I cancel my membership?

What is a pay site?

A site where you pay to get access to the siteís content. Membership fee can be a monthly recurring fee or a one-time billing. Other sites can be pay-per-view based where you purchase a number of credits that you can then use over an extended period of time.

How does payment via credit card work?

Only sites that you have authorized to bill your credit card can do so. You need to actively fill out a membership and payment form on a site for them to bill your credit card. Depending on your selected membership form, the site will bill you only once or until you cancel your membership.

What is a payment processor?

Most paysites donít have the capacity to handle the extensive setup needed to handle credit card transactions online. They therefore use authorized companies specializing in doing so. An example is CC Bill which is one of the biggest billing companies in the online adult industry.

When you sign up to a paysite you will therefore often come across CC Billís logo and standard payment form. If you do, it means that CC Bill is the company responsible for billing your credit card and the company you need to contact with questions about the transaction. It is also on their home page that you can cancel your membership.

Some sites use other credit card processors or have their own setup. In any case there should always be a page where you can check out the details of your membership and cancel it.

Either way this means that your credit card information is secure and will not be abused or seen by third party.

How do I cancel my membership?

Right after your initial sign up to a pay site, you will often receive an email with all relevant information about your membership. It is a good idea to keep this email while you are a member of the site.

If you have forgotten which site you joined and have no information about it anymore, you need to look at your credit card statement at the text next to the billing. Typically there is a generic company name or web address. Look up the name or web address on Google and look for a link to cancel membership or customer service.

You can also try to look up your membership at the most common credit card processors:
CC Bill support
Verotel/Tickets Club support
Epoch Support

If none of the above helps you, try contacting your bank and ask them for information on how to stop the billing.

I only signed up for a trial, why was I billed again?

Most likely because all trial memberships automatically recur at the monthly membership rate unless you cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the trial. For more specific information about automatic renewal of memberships, please refer to the section of the siteís terms regarding billing and renewal of membership.

My video player won't play the videos I downloaded

The video file might require a special codec (plugin for your video player) but you can try downloading VLC Player which plays virtually any format of videos.

What is DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

DRM is a tool that can be used by webmasters to control the viewing of DRM protected WMV (Windows Media Video) files. If a WMV video file is protected using DRM, you may only be able to view it for as long as you are a member of the pay site. Even though you have downloaded the video file to your hard disk drive.

DRM protected video files obtain a license from the internet when played - and will only play if you are still permitted to view the video according to the license.

If we review a porn site that uses DRM protected video files, we will clearly state it in the text and mark the review using this icon: drm logo

For further information, please see Microsoft's DRM FAQ.

Unfortunately it can also be used to luring more money from the members. The DRM license enables the content owner to define how the user is allowed to watch the video. In short, the user downloads a certificate that allows the user to play the video while the certificate is valid. So it is possible for a webmaster to prevent the user from playing the videos when they stop being a member of the webmaster's site.

Why have you not reviewed Pornsite X/Y/Z?

Probably because we haven't heard of it before. Please contact us and we will take a closer look at the site.
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