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Biexperience review

Summary: Bi Experience has too much stacked against it to be a good site. The collection is very small, and there are no updates in sight. It is also non exclusive, going directly against the tour claims, and finally the bonus network only offers you 10 more bisexual scenes, with tens of thousands of scenes in niches that you probably don't give a shit about.

Score 30.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-08-22


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Intro promises

Tons of male male female content
3 way fucking action
100% exclusive content
Access to 54+ XXX Sites
Daily updates

First impression

True bisexual sites are always a good find, the ones where the guys don't care what type of hole they're plugging. Guy's asses, women's pussy, it doesn't matter to them as long as they can just keep fucking in some of the most intense threesomes they have ever experienced. Bi Experience shows both well seasoned and first time bisexual guys enjoying the best of both worlds, and doing it on camera.

The member's area is laid out nicely, although you immediately get the impression that this is just a stop on a network road, as the only bit of uniqueness on the layout is from the logo shoved off to the side. Most of the navigation options also point towards the network as opposed to the main site, although you do get to see the latest updates and most popular updates in the sidebars.


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Our opinion

There are a few things that bother me right off the bat with Bi Experience. The first is that I don't really think that the collection is 100% exclusive as the join page mentioned. There are also only 18 videos in the collection, and finally it doesn't look like there are any updates to be found other than on the bonus network, which certainly isn't helping right now.

That's a pretty big bummer right off the bat, as I was hoping this wasn't going to be one of those sites that gets added into a network just so they can say they have a bisexual site. Unfortunately, it seems to be leaning that way. The individual episode pages have a big 640x480 Flash streaming video that you can use if you're in a hurry, or the three download options underneath if you aren't. There is also a description, comments, favorite button, links to the models, and a category.

So I do have to admit that the episode page is nicely laid out at least. Now to see what the video quality is like these are pulled from bisexual DVDs, so the production quality will vary a bit from video to video. The highest quality is the MP4 shown at 568x426 and 1.16 mbps, although if you're more comfortable with WMV they have that in the medium quality range at 480x360 and 1 mbps. If you are on the road a lot but still enjoy your bisexual porn, they have a nice Ipod version in MP4 at 285x214 and 460 kbps. The videos do seem to be pretty good as far as true bisexual threesomes go you'll always see at least a male male female threesome, and the guys give each other plenty of attention. If you find yourself waiting a bit for the downloads, you might want to take a look at the screencaps that come with each video. They are shown at 687x461 and are average cap quality. Although they aren't the greatest thing to look at, they do follow right along with the scene so you can really get into it.

The bonus network is on the massive side with 143 bonus sites and over 27,000 scenes in it. This is where you get the daily updates, along with a bit of non exclusive porn (although like Bi Experience, most do seem to be pulled from non exclusive DVDs). There honestly isn't all that much in the way of bisexual porn, with only 34 scenes out of the entire list in the niche. Unless you're after some other types of porn, you're going to be left in the lurch with this one.


Bi Experience just doesn't cut it in the bisexual world. The content is not exclusive, there are no updates, and the collection is very small. On top of that there are only a handful of additional scenes within the bonus network that deal with true bisexual porn, and everything else is probably in niches that you could care less about.


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