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Spice up your life with some of the spiciest dick in the world Latin dick. These guys have the sexiest accent to make you melt, big enough dicks to make your eyes pop out of your head and your ass to pucker a bit, and a sex drive that leaves almost everyone else in the dust.

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Total 12 reviews
  • Overall Score Sitename       Date
  • Papi Cock screenshot
    Papi Cock

    Date: 2010-10-06

    Summary: Papi Cock gets you into the world of hot gay Latino lovers, and you're never going to want to leave. The site might look a bit amateur, but it's hiding some incredibly high quality HD porn that will have you whacking it like a wild man. Plus the collection is rather massive, and you'll love exploring every bit of it.

  • Naked Papis screenshot
    Naked Papis

    Date: 2009-09-10

    Summary: Love Latinos? Then Naked Papis is just going to do it for you. This collection of exclusive amateur Latin men features stripping, masturbation, and enough sex to keep you held over for months. Frequent updates and many different viewing options make it even better, although the site layout could use a bit of an overhaul.

  • Samuel O'Toole screenshot
    Samuel O'Toole

    Date: 2011-02-28

    Summary: Samuel O'Toole is full of rock solid muscle, and with some time to grow his site could be rock solid as well. Samuel is a gay bodybuilder who has plenty of friends stopping by to take on his big cock, and he's starting up a good looking collection. While he's hot, the content quality is okay, and the photo sets need some polish and features.

  • Papi Damelo screenshot
    Papi Damelo

    Date: 2009-11-09

    Summary: Papi Damelo doesn't look like much at first, but once you start digging in to this collection you'll see the care that was put into this collection. They do really need a design update, but you aren't going to worry about that once you see the quality available here.

  • Latinos Jerking Off screenshot
    Latinos Jerking Off

    Date: 2009-10-09

    Summary: Do Latinos jerking off big juicy cocks sound like a good time for you? Then Latinos Jerking Off is your kind of place, as each and every one of these guys look like they could use those dicks as a pole vault. The one downfall is that this site is pretty new, so the collection is small right now. With the quality of video that they're putting out all they need to do is keep up the updates to make you happy.

  • Cholo Lovers screenshot
    Cholo Lovers

    Date: 2009-10-01

    Summary: Cholo Lovers features cholos, or mexican gangstas. There's plenty of baggy clothing, tight muscles, and big thug dicks to be seen on these Latinos. It has a small collection and relatively slow updates, but it is steady and has the added bonus of HD videos.

  • Raw Papi screenshot
    Raw Papi

    Date: 2010-05-06

    Summary: Raw Papi features Latinos getting barebacked, a theme which seems to be gaining popularity in the gay porn world. The content is exclusive and the action runs the gamut, but there are too many negatives to really recommend it. The collection is pretty small, and the site is as bare bones as they could manage to make it. You'll want to wait for this one to improve.

  • Brazilian Studz screenshot
    Brazilian Studz

    Date: 2009-10-28

    Summary: Love watching hot gay lovers south of the border? Brazilian Studz features hunky Latinos that love nothing more than finding a quiet corner and going at it like the horn dogs that they are. There isn't anything absolutely amazing with the site, but it does provide a good experience with a decent collection size, frequent updates, and exclusive Brazilian action that will keep you glued to your computer.

  • Hard Latin Gays screenshot
    Hard Latin Gays

    Date: 2010-08-11

    Summary: Hard Latin Gays is a Latino gay porn site that needs a lot of polish added to the site before it goes out of the middle ground. The quality needs improved, an update schedule is needed and overall user-friendliness needs to be addressed.

  • Naughty Hard Cocks screenshot
    Naughty Hard Cocks

    Date: 2010-01-11

    Summary: Naughty Hard Cocks features sexy gay Latin men that are in the mood for a hardcore time. The videos are good quality, but there are Latino sites out there that feature a much larger collection, as well as frequent updates.

  • Latino Loverz screenshot
    Latino Loverz

    Date: 2009-08-28

    Summary: Latino guys will never lose their flair, but Latino Loverz is an average site at best. The video quality is okay, there are no updates, and the collection is small. The only real reason you would want to stop by and stick around is the gigantic bonus network, which has a few hundred gay Latino scenes waiting for you.

  • Gay Challenges screenshot
    Gay Challenges

    Date: 2010-09-29

    Summary: Gay Challenges is a gay Spanish pornsite that was formerly a VOD site. It is very small with average quality streaming only videos, so it needs a lot more content and perhaps a quality update for improvement.

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Total 12 reviews