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Latinos Jerking Off review

Summary: Do Latinos jerking off big juicy cocks sound like a good time for you? Then Latinos Jerking Off is your kind of place, as each and every one of these guys look like they could use those dicks as a pole vault. The one downfall is that this site is pretty new, so the collection is small right now. With the quality of video that they're putting out all they need to do is keep up the updates to make you happy.

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Tiffany, 2009-10-09

Latinos, Solo

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Intro promises

HD videos
Full scene download and Ipod versions
Weekly updates

First impression

Latinos Jerking Off is about as straightforward of a site name as you can get. There are Latino guys, and they are whacking away at their dicks like it's the last jerk off session of their lives. The tour is pretty busy, with lots of information thrown at you right off the bat. There's episode previews, a look at all of the sections that they offer, and more Latin men than you can shake a stick at. They seem to be on the manly side of things, with bulky bodies and big thick cocks that will bring a smile to your face.

The member's area is almost identical to the tour, so you'll already have a good idea of what it looks like. It could be a bit less busy, to be honest. There's a lot going on and it will take a bit of time to get your bearings. The main navigation runs under a gigantic header, and under that you have the news, preview trailer, and the latest episodes. The big dick trend continues inside as well, with plenty of well hung Latin men flaunting their flesh swords on the preview thumbs.


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Our opinion

I'm always up for a good jerk off site, and Latinos Jerking Off has plenty of promise. The one thing that I really appreciated the most so far is seeing that every one of these guys is packing a monster cock. The last thing I want to see in a masturbation session is some dick that you have to squint to see, so kudos to these guys already.

I did run into a bit of a pet peeve right away with these guys though I'm not a real big fan of absolutely gigantic preview thumbs when going through the episode listings. As much as I like being greeted by such big dicks, it makes scrolling through and seeing what they've got take longer than it should. The updates hit weekly like clockwork, and there are 16 episodes currently on the site. Given that it started at the end of July, this small collection isn't completely unexpected, and if the video quality is good I'll have to give it a quality over quantity benefit of the doubt because all of the guys have looked great so far. The other thing that helps to retain the amateur feeling that these guys bring is that the locations are all distinctly different, so it could have been filmed right in their own houses.

There are three different viewing options for each video. The first is a big download button that gives you a 720x480 and 2 mbps WMV, the second is a Flash streaming video shown at 720x480, and the third is an Ipod version at 320x240 and 1.6 mbps. The videos might not be the highest technical quality in the world, but they do have good production value and film work. However I hardly noticed that given how goddamn hot it is to watch these guys jerk off. There are some guys that are boring to watch during this act, but none of the guys at Latinos Jerking Off would ever fall into that. The videos tend to be around 10 minutes each, and have no DRM. The photo sets that come with each video are screencaps, or so they say, but they look like actual photos to me. They are shown at 750x422 and come in sets of around 200. They are hands down the best caps that I've ever seen, so kudos to them. You don't get zip downloads or slideshows with these galleries, however.

There isn't much in the way of extras right now the forums are not active, and the blog has one post which is Hello World! Not looking good on that front. The other sections are given over solely to upsells, so this is pretty much what you get at Latinos Jerking Off.


Latinos Jerking Off is new and small, but if they keep up their quality and their update schedule they are going to end up with something very special. The guys are all top notch, the video quality is pretty good, and if you want big dicks you got them. They just need time to grow and get settled in right now.


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