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  • Freddy 18 screenshot
    Freddy 18
    Date: 2010-04-16

    Summary: Freddy 18 has a deft hand with the camera, and an even defter hand at finding hot twink friends getting nasty with each other. While you don't see Freddy very often, you do get to see a lot of cute amateur twinks with fun and carefree attitudes. The bonuses do help this out immensely, and you might want to wait until it has grown some more.

  • Twinks for Cash screenshot
    Twinks for Cash
    Date: 2009-08-05

    Summary: Twinks for Cash offers up HD twink gay for pay porn that tackles the question of just how much you need to pay the straight guy before he'll start sucking dick. The collection is a good size, the video quality is good with the latest, and the bonus network is worthwhile as well. The only big failing is the quality of the older videos, along with the inability to download them. It's a solid site overall, though.

  • Boys Love 18 screenshot
    Boys Love 18
    Date: 2009-10-20

    Summary: Boys Love 18 looks on as these fresh faced college twinks start their sexual explorations with each other. The amateurs don't seem to mind the camera too much, and they go at it with gusto. As hot as that sounds, there are plenty of issues with this site that make it one to pass up. The collection is somewhat large, but with so many twink sites out there they need more than that, and they don't really give it. Add that to no updates and a useless bonus network and you see where the problem is.

  • Wicked Twinks screenshot
    Wicked Twinks
    Date: 2010-11-08

    Summary: Wicked Twinks needs a lot of work before it's going to make someone grab their dick in surprise. The 'HD' videos need to actually be HD quality, the site could use a lot more personality and the collection needs to be bigger and stronger.

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Total 4 reviews