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  • Broke Straight Boys screenshot
    Broke Straight Boys

    Date: 2010-04-01

    Summary: Broke Straight Boys turns these straight guys into cock sucking bottoms that are learning what it's like to be at the receiving end of some dick. A massive collection and fast update schedule give you plenty to occupy yourself with, and the content is pretty good quality overall.

  • Straight Boys Jerkoff screenshot
    Straight Boys Jerkoff

    Date: 2010-04-19

    Summary: Straight Boys Jerkoff features twinkish straight guys that get offered some cash to whack it for the camera. Sometimes they know that they're whacking it for the gay dudes, sometimes they're whacking it on a gay guy, and other times they just want to get off and get paid for it - who wouldn't? They are in a large collection featuring many different video options, but the quality does bring the site down quite a bit.

  • Twinks for Cash screenshot
    Twinks for Cash

    Date: 2009-08-05

    Summary: Twinks for Cash offers up HD twink gay for pay porn that tackles the question of just how much you need to pay the straight guy before he'll start sucking dick. The collection is a good size, the video quality is good with the latest, and the bonus network is worthwhile as well. The only big failing is the quality of the older videos, along with the inability to download them. It's a solid site overall, though.

  • Straight Boys Fucking screenshot
    Straight Boys Fucking

    Date: 2010-09-23

    Summary: Straight Boys Fucking gives you two flavors of straight boys. The first are the guys that have always wanted to try out gay fucking, and just need a bit of a push in the right direction. The others are the straight guys that don't mind being filmed for the gay crowd, whether they're masturbating or fucking their girlfriends. A good size collection, frequent updates, and good amateur content makes for a solid site that you should swing by. The downloads are somewhat low quality, but the Flash makes up for it.

  • Straight Guys are Broke screenshot
    Straight Guys are Broke

    Date: 2009-09-29

    Summary: Straight Guys are Broke shows exactly what happens when a straight guy is hard up for cash they don't hesitate before giving up their anal virginity for someone waving around a fat stack of cash. The HD videos are a nice surprise, and while the collection is small the updates have been steady. With some time to grow this is going to be an excellent site.

  • Straight Goes Gay screenshot
    Straight Goes Gay

    Date: 2010-02-23

    Summary: This straight to gay site has a bit of promise at first, but before long you'll find that it all falls apart. The collection can be gone through in the blink of the eye, and with no updates in sight it's not worth checking out.

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Total 6 reviews