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David Nudes Review

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Summary: David Nudes is home of David Weisenbarger's works. He photographs natural looking girls in erotic poses often on outside locations. The result is delivered in high quality photos and HD videos. The daily updates ensure a good amount of content added to the already large archive. I highly recommend David Nudes to fans of erotic photography.

Tamesin, 2009-05-25

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Intro promises

- High definition quality erotic photography
- Daily updates

First impression

David Nudes is run by erotic photographer, David Weisenbarger. His paysite is an exclusive eMagazine showcasing all the beautiful and natural women he photographs in natural setting. One look at how happy the women appear to be, and you'll believe David when he says he wants his photography to empower females.


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Our opinion

David Nudes bills itself as the "sophisticated nude" site, and that's what you'll see in here. There are no hardcore shots; it's all softcore erotica. And even though the background to a lot of the photos and videos are outdoors, the lighting really brings out the beauty of the women. David goes out of his way to accentuate the women's best features and somehow knows which coloring of the landscape and background will look good with a particular woman to make her look even more beautiful. You half way expect these women to not be mortal, but rather little fairy nymphs flitting around and playing in the woods - totally naked, of course. There's a sense of freedom that shines through their eyes, body movements, and poses which make the photography almost as fresh as morning dew.

Along the top you'll find the current stats: 126000+ scheduled photos, 23500+ live photos, 50+ HD videos, 530+ posters, and 20+ lessons. I'm not sure what the difference is between "scheduled photos" and "live photos," since they appear to offer the same issues, although "live photos" breaks the issues down by month. There's a new issue everyday, which makes for daily updates. "Posters" are the cover photo for each issue, and they open to 1200x800. "Lessons" is a nifty and unique feature for aspiring photographers, since these are lessons in taking quality erotic photography. That, alone, is worth the price of admission to aspiring photographers.

Menu items include Photos, Models, Videos, Lessons, News, and Casting. You'll also find Model Blogs and a community chat, where you can talk with David and some of the models. Regarding the model blogs, there are over a dozen models blogging about their lives and their experiences in front of the camera. Since David has designed his site to be about empowerment of females, he wants his models' opinions to be heard; they're more than just eye candy to him and the members. I really like when you can get to know a little bit more about the models, and I think many paysite members seek that out in a members' area. At any rate, below the menu options are countless thumbnails to all the updates, what's coming soon, featured clips, models, photos, most popular, etc.

In addition to members being able to chat with David and the models, there are also other ways the members can interact on the site. Members can suggest ideas for shoots, as well as request photography lessons for specific issues.

There are around 50 videos that you can stream or download in WMV, DivX AVI, and iPod/iPhone Mpeg 4. The videos open to a 1280x720 (around 7.19 Mbps) sized screen and are generally pretty good quality, especially considering they are shot outdoors. The videos aren't long, though; the ones I saw ran between not quite a minute to not quite 3 minutes in length.

The photo sets offer different size pictures for your viewing pleasure: small (533x800), medium (1067x1600), large (1667x2500), and extra large (2592x3888). You can also zip download them in these same sizes; they're certainly worthy of being zip downloaded because of the high quality. New photos are now taken in 6000 pixels medium format clarity and resolution, which promises to be even better quality. The photo galleries don't have the same number of pictures; I'd say the average is around 40.

Some of the videos show behind the scenes footage or interviews, in addition to the erotic nudity that the photo sets offer. The models are all young, attractive, and natural. I don't think I saw any fake boobs in here. Every now and then you'll even see a model with an unshaved pussy or one who may be slightly chubby.

Some of the videos are heavily edited because they're showing photographs being taken. In this way, you'll see the models making all those sexy poses, although it sometimes does make the videos seem herky jerky because there's no fluidity of movement being so heavily edited. Also, some of the footage is shaky, as if the camera operator was walking around quickly.


I highly recommend David Nudes. He is certainly a photographer who knows how to photograph women - making them look very sensual. Since this is strictly an erotic nudes, softcore site, don't expect any hardcore action. Fans of erotic nudity will enjoy this site for David's vision of empowering his models and celebrating the nude female. The updates are daily and are all high quality. Despite having a lot of content within, the site is relatively easy to navigate. If you're looking for a sophisticated nudes site that shows a lot of natural women in natural settings (i.e., outdoors), then you'll enjoy David Nudes.

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