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Jordan Capri review

Summary: Jordan Capri is an amateur teen site with soft-core content. This site holds thousands of hi-resolution photos, hours of broadband videos and personal emails/chat.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Burton, 2005-09-09

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Intro promises

"Thousands of exclusive high res photos of me playing with myself and all of my friends . . ."
"Watch hours of broadband videos featuring me and my friends . . ."
"Members can even send me an email and chat with me . . ."

First impression

I hold no reservations in saying that Jordan is thoroughly smoking hot. She has that natural teen sorority girl look (like the sexy, popular girl in high school). All the lightspeed girls are hot, but Jordan is one of the hottest. The front page site design is pretty basic with pics and two trailers that are apparently small clips of what's inside. One is of Jordan dancing and the other is of her oiling herself up in the bathroom, one of them I could increase to full screen but the other I couldn't. On the front page, there are quotes from Jordan about how she's "pretty quiet" and gets "teased about her height," but it is obvious that she does not run the site herself and I do not expect the intimate feel you get from other personal sites run by the particular model.


$39.95 - 30 days full access to any 10 premium sites + "Best of Lightspeed"
$34.95 - 30 days full access to any 5 premium sites + "Best of Lightspeed"
$29.95 - 30 days full access to any 1 premium site + "Best of Lightspeed"
$24.95 - 30 days "Best of Lightspeed"

Our opinion

The front page of the member's area is clean and well-organized with a heading labeling what is in each section. I like it because it is not too cluttered and easy to find what you are looking for. The first section is for "Recent Updates" organized by date. It appears that the site updates every seven days either pictures or video. There are also seperate sections for pictures and video. I counted 83 picture sets ranging from 23 pics in each set all the way up to 80. Pictures come in the resolution 681x1024 and look pretty good. Every photo set is available in zip files.

The first set I looked at had Jordan wearing a silver mini-dress and silver panties. She looked really hot in the outfit. As you go through the set, she shows her breasts and then eventually her hot pussy. In fact, as I went through the other sets, I found the same theme. You see Jordan either on her bed, poolside, in the bathroom, or some other setting stripping for the camera. Sometimes, you'll get a glimpse of another Lightspeed girl from another site doing the same thing, which is cool because all the Lightspeed models are super-hot. Be aware, however, that even though the Jordan is hot and the pictures are professional and good quality, the content is pretty vanilla and not hardcore at all. The most hardcore picture I could find was Jordan spreading her pussy lips for the camera. She has one of the hottest teen pussies I have ever seen, it would be nice to see her at least finger herself.

The Video section is only slightly more diverse, but the videos are good quality and still really hot. There are about 80 for download in chunks or full files which average about six minutes. The videos come in one of three formats: MPEG 320x240, Real 320x240, WMV 320x240.
The best one I could find was one where Jordan rubbed baby oil all over herself and her pussy in a bathroom. It was a really hot scene, but there was no sound except some cheezy music the webmaster laced in. I just muted it and enjoyed the show anyway.

You have to go through the videos really thoroughly to find the really sexy stuff. For example, there is one video with six lightspeed girls including Jordan that looked really promising. I mean, how could you go wrong with six of the web's hottest porn chicks? The video is six minutes of the girls talking about Brad Pitt and whose ass is nicer. Not one of them even kissed another and there was no sex at all. They have nice personalities and they are fun to watch, but its definitely really softcore. There are some gems in the video section too, though, like the hot scene where Jordan dances around with a feather duster showing off her hot tits and pussy. There are other videos with interviews and other miscellaneous things like Jordan and her friends playing nude Twister, but there is no actual sex. In fact, I could not even find any penetration which was disappointing.

There are other sections to the site too like a message board where fans can comment and Jordan sometimes posts and links to some mediocre video feed sites, but the bulk of the site is the pictures and videos.


Jordan is a really hot girl who anyone would love to have sex with and the site is thoroughly professional, but the monthly membership fee of $29.95 is a little high. If anything, I would say spring for the 10 site membership of all the Lightspeed girls for only $10.00 more. But even then, I fear that the rest of the sites may be as softcore as this one.


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