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Ultimate Celebs review

Summary: Ultimate Celebs is a great celebrity site. It provides high quality clips of nude celebrities in movies or tv shows. The site is well designed and easy to navigate and search.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2005-12-13

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Intro promises

- Over 40 gigs of nude celebrities
- All your favourite celebrities naked
- Daily updates with fresh celebrity content.

First impression

This is my first review of a celebrity site, and it looks like I've lucked out on this one. The preview allows you to freely browse the site - without access to the content, of course. Ultimate Celebs has a very nice, sleek design. Everything is organized alphabetically by name, and there definitely seems to be 40 GB worth of names here. Oh, how I love organization!!!


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Our opinion

And what a nice site it is! Very clean layout, no advertising, no extraneous crap. The home page features the most recent updates and pertinent news items. There is a simple menu bar at the top of the page that gives you easy access to every part of the site. You can search movie titles or celebrity names by using a keyword search function, or browse movies alphabetically in the same two categories. There are also some great extra features that we'll get to in a moment... First, let's check out the goods!

First things first I'm gonna go to the Celebs category and see if I can find any Gillian Anderson material. Oh Scully, what I wouldn't do to get into your pants! But all I get is a glimpse of her breasts. Oh well. The category is extremely easy to navigate... just click on a letter, and you get an alphabetized list (by first name) of all of the celebrities available for that letter. Clicking on a name brings you to a page with a biography of the celebrity, and links to the available clips. You can choose to view all of the available clips for the celeb you selected, or you can click links to each movie that they appeared in to see all the clips for a given movie. Nice navigational feature!

The Movies category works exactly the same way, except that you are browsing through movie titles. Clicking on a title brings you a page that lists all of the clips available from the movie (the same page you get when you click on a movie title from a celebrity page).

I really like how both of these sections are integrated. It seems an obvious way to do things, but, as we all know, many people are oblivious to the obvious.

Each clip has info about the resolution, length and codec of the clip, as well as the nudity level of the celeb in the clip. Clips are licensed from quite a few different providers, so the quality, length, and codec used for each clip varies greatly. On your average porn site this might be cause for concern, but this is no average site. The goal here is to provide a selection of celebrities that is as extensive as possible. This goal is much more easily attained if you have multiple sources of content. However, when you offer several different formats, things can get a little complicated for the members. Ulitmate-Celebs has recognized the potential problems of offering wide variety of formats, and has come up with a great solution:

The Downloads page. This is a page that contains links to sources for all of the codecs used on the site, as well as links to a variety of media players and video editing/ripping tools. They're all free, and very useful!! How useful? Let's just say I got rid of all of my media players in favour of a couple of the programs offered here. No kidding, I actually did!

I also downloaded a ton of movies from the site to get a good idea of just how varied the quality of the content is. Despite the many different formats available, everything looks very good! File sizes vary greatly, with most in the 3 to 20 MB range. However, some of the clips are quite large, such as the Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee Sex Tape that clocks in at 224 MB!!! It would be nice if these large files were broken up into smaller clips.

The source of the clip plays a large role in the quality as well...there's definitely a few that have been taken off of old VHS tapes. These obviously will look less impressive than something ripped right from a DVD, no matter how the clip was encoded. 704x400 / 845 kbps is about the average resolution of the clips I downloaded, but it's not uncommon to find clips at 712x400 /1.291 mbps. Bottom line: for the most part, everything is high quality, but you may come across a few clips that don't look so hot.

The content is incredibly varied, ranging from the slightest glimpse of a breast to straight up fucking and sucking. There's a lot of stuff from Hollywood movies, tons of independent films, and even a good selection of “stolen sex tapes” such as the Paris Hilton tape and the one mentioned above. There are also some old cinema hardcore features that are available that take you back to the day when porn was either in a magazine or a smutty theatre! Nice stuff.

To top it all off, Ultimate Celebs is updated daily, so you'll always have more to look at.


Ultimate Celebs is very well designed, offering an incredibly varied and vast amount of material. The site is incredibly easy to search, and there are some great tools offered to deal with the various video formats offered on the site. Anyone with a thing for celebrities should have a membership at Ultimate Celebs!

And remember - if you have thing for a particular celebrity, you can check out whether or not Ultimate Celebs has any clips with her before you join.

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