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DVD Box review

Summary: DVD Box is a great video collection site with easy to use interface and overall good video quality. Some minor tweaks are required to make it a top site though.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2006-03-12

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Intro promises

"Biggest DVD Collection
Ultra Fast Downloads
Absolutely No Download Limit (No DRM)
High Quality Movies
Free Download Manager
New DVDs every week
24/7 friendly support"

"Download 962 DVD Now! That's over 1446 hours of viewing!"

First impression

Despite the undisputed depth of the site, I don't think it'll take me too terribly long to run through it. What we have here is the virtual rental store known as DVDBox. You'll be able to log on to the site, browse through nearly 1,000 DVDs of acquired content and watch only those scenes you want to watch. The intention is to never have to deal with backrooms, broken or scratched disks or embarrasing human interaction in order to get at those videos starring some of your favorite pornstars.


By credit card, online check or by phone.
30 days membership - $29.70 (99 cents per day)
90 days membership - $69.30 (77 cents per day)

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Our opinion

The layout of DVDBox is very straightforward. On the left you have your main source of navigation. The top links are mostly for technical things. You can download the necessary software, contact customer support, or visit the scenes you add to your favorite section. But I think most of you will be more interested in the links down the left side and what it brings you to.

There are 23 different categories to choose from. That may seem like a lot, but reading the titles proves that they've hit on basically every major category you'll be looking for. Unlike other sites of this type, they avoid inundating the category to make it seem like they have more content than they actually do. You won't find as much overlapping because of this, which is great. Below that, you'll find drop down menus that will also allow you to search by pornstar or by studio. The studio drop down is a crap shoot unless you're really familiar with a particular name. But you won't find most of the bigger players in the industry.

The pornstar dropdown gives you a choice of all the letters. After you pick a letter, a new window will pop up with all the stars under that letter. This is a much better way to do things than just simply listing every single pornstar in the site's unwieldy database. The link will lead you to all the DVDs on the site that contain that star. The same sort of technique is utilized when you click the top link "All Available DVDs." It was a pleasant surprise. I was expecting to have a never ending array of pages to potentially sift through. Instead, it pulls up the new window where you can see everything listed in the manner of your choosing. Do you want to see them all in alphabetical order? Done. Want to know what videos fall under what category? You can. You can also sort by studio, series and pornstar. This is all great and handy, but I wonder why it has to be accessed by a link. Couldn't these options be available from the main menu? I mean, if you click on one of these links, it opens it up in your main window anyway.

Now, say you open a category. The bulk of the page will be overtaken by six large thumbnail images of the DVD's front cover. A pull down at the bottom tells you how many pages there are, and you can jump to a certain page like that, otherwise, there's the next button. On the right side, you'll see the most popular titles for that particular category, which is good to see. They seem pretty standardized, where as on other sites, the most popular sections appeared to be generated randomly. It's good to see that that's not the case here.

Clicking on a particular title will give you a very brief description and all the searchable stats for the DVD. You can get larger versions of the front and back covers as well. If that weren't enough for you to know to proceed, you can see a break down of all the available scenes (as well as their lengths) complimented by five thumbnailed screenshots. If you need more screenshots, there's a link for that. There's also a link to add it to your favorites. To view something, you have the option of streaming it or downloading it in either a small version or a big version. Everything is done through Windows Media Player and the only available format is wmv. You can't download a whole DVD in one massive file, but that's probably a good thing.

The original video quality will vary wildly from one studio to the next. Also be aware that the site contains vintage/classic porn, so that will have a totally different look than most people will be used to these days. The small version gives you a 320x240 picture. The big version bumps it to either a 512x384 or 720x528 size depending on how recently the video was added to the site. Honestly, the bigger does look better, but most of the time, the original content won't look good enough to really notice. You have to hand it to DVD Box for doing the best they can and pumping up the resolution to the highest it'll go while still maintaining a file that's also a workable download. However, it looks like most of this stuff has been through one too many conversion processes before it came time to compress it.


And that's the site. DVD Box is a solid site full of material that could potentially keep you busy for hours on end. I'd like to see more done to increase the functionality of the site. More than six covers to a page would be nice. Telling us how many DVDs you have in each category on the side navigation menu would help. If only the original picture quality were slightly better, especially for the older stuff. I have seen better sites of the same type, but how much can you really complain about little things like that when you have all this content in front of you for a decent price?

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