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Pornstar XS review

Summary: Pornstar XS is a DVD archive with focus on the mainstream pornstars. It's a new site, but there's already 1500+ titles available. Everything is indexed and searchable. Videos are in different formats and resolutions, and look good. Reasonable pricing.

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Joseph, 2007-05-04

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Intro promises

“Welcome to PORNSTARXS! Home of the hottest adult stars on the internet! Pornstarxs offers a variety of adult content to satisfy any type of surfer's needs. It doesn't matter what type of movie or adult film star you're looking for you can find it all here at PornstarXS With the largest collection of content on the internet we provide quick and easy ways to search and ultimately download exactly what you're looking for. Remember with your membership you can download and keep everything, no hidden charges, no extra download fees, no DRM and no headaches.”

First impression

Yearn to be a recluse like J.D. Salinger but possess a voracious appetite for pornographic films and thus find yourself leaving the house each day to visit the local smut shop to purchase copious amounts of blue movies on digital video discs? (For the record, J.D. Salinger has his porn shipped to his home in upstate New York direct from Vermont, the Show-Me-Your-Tits State!) Well, Pornstar XS, a DVD download site, just may be the answer to all of your prayers (well, some of your prayers anyway, mostly the ones relating to being a recluse ala J.D. Salinger or yours truly). Launched just last month, Pornstar XS is the “home of the hottest adult stars on the Internet” and already touts over fifteen hundred movies containing over four thousand total hours of smut. Membership to Pornstar XS has its privileges, namely daily updates of “DVD resolution quality videos” with no DRM and no pay-per-view prices starring “the freshest talent” as well as access to “the most advanced and user friendly interface.” When used in conjunction with Pizza Hut and cable TV, a membership to Pornstar XS virtually guarantees a quality life that does not require leaving the house for any reason whatsoever — think of the advent of Pornstar XS as a monumental leap in human evolution, much like the one caused by the monolith in 2001: a Space Odyssey.


Our opinion

To gain entrance into the beautiful virtual world of Pornstar XS, you will have to enter a lengthy confirmation number. Careful! I entered in the wrong numbers twice and almost got banned from the site. Damn these infernal digits!!! I may possess opposable thumbs, but I’m no better than a filthy fucking ape! Anyway, the members area of Pornstar XS is easy as shit to use and displays a handful of featured stars, a number of featured movies and the newest movie that’s been added to the site. Members can browse movies by porn star (top stars, type or members’ favorites), scene (newest or top rated), DVD (newest, niche or galleries from the movies), series, editor’s choice or studio. Members can also search by scene and porn star — there’s even an advanced search feature which allows members to search for videos by clothing, setting, toys, etc. Wow! If that’s not enough, there’s also an area of Pornstar XS where members can save their favorite scenes and porn stars for later use. Wow squared! This area is especially useful when you take into account all of the content that’s available for download on Pornstar XS — we’re talkin’ fifteen hundred and ninety-seven DVDs at the present time! Wow times three! And all those downloads are unlimited, so you can look at those favorites as many times as you’d like. Goddamn, woman!!!

Pornstar XS offers DVDs for download in multiple formats, including WMV, MPG, iPod, PSP, and various speeds (DVD, high, medium, low bit rates), from modem to DSL. Each scene on Pornstar XS comes equipped with a handful of screen caps, but Pornstar XS is all about the videos, so the screen caps only exist to help members decide which scenes to download. The quality of the videos is fairly good, though I wouldn’t call it DVD quality exactly — I mean, the picture is big and relatively clear with 640x480 at 2.29 mbps, but it’s a touch grainy. Also, playback tends to be a bit choppy when the scenes are streamed.

With regards to selection, Pornstar XS doesn’t disappoint (I saw plenty of big name porn stars like Jenna Fine as well as a number of well-known studios like Red Light District and there’s a lot of variety on the site), though I must confess that I’ve never heard of most of the titles available for download on Pornstar XS. Granted, that’s to be expected when it comes to this kind of site, which will often go for quantity over quality. Let’s face it, Vivid Video doesn’t get into bed with DVD download sites very often, so sites like Pornstar XS have to take what they can get with regards to purchasing the content they offer their customers (which reminds me: there is no exclusive content on Pornstar XS).


The best thing about Pornstar XS is its price — a monthly membership to Pornstar XS costs much less than the price of a single DVD. And, of course, you don’t just get access to a single DVD with your monthly membership, you get access to thousands of DVDs! In other words, Pornstar XS is one hell of a bargain, even if the quality of the DVDs isn’t that hot and many of the big name studios aren’t represented in the site’s archive. Close the pod bay doors, Hal — we won’t need to be leaving the house for some time to come.

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