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Video Sexperts review

Summary: Video Sexperts is a DVD archive with 2400+ available titles. All movies are divided into scenes and available in multiple formats including a feature to download a selected part of each scene. Video quality is not impressive though, which is the otherwise sleek looking site's weakest point.

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Mephistopheles, 2008-03-13

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Intro promises

- Multiple Movie Updates Daily, check back often to see our newly added content.
- Sexpert reviews: Read what our site's sexperts have to say about our DVDs.
- Free samples: Wet your appetite with our free sample adult DVD clips by browsing our site.

First impression

Video Sexperts is one of the many sites out there that caters to people who can't be bothered making that long, and embarrassing trip to the local adult video store. Judging by the DVD covers I've seen on the tour, they've got quite the selection. They also boast upwards of 2500 DVD titles and no download limits. I'm gonna have a look inside, and give you the skinny on this joint.


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Our opinion

The member's area is relatively straight-forward, and I applaud them for their choice of color schemes. The gray mixed with swirls of pink, purple, and blue looks fantastic. Atop the page, you'll find the most basic of menus. It contains merely the necessities: Home, Search, etc.

On the left-hand side of the page you'll find the main menus (3 in total) for navigating the site's content. The main one has a list of options which is pretty self explanatory: Most Downloaded DVDs, New Releases, Best Rated DVDs, Random DVD List, Random DVD, Most Downloaded Scenes, New Scenes, Best Rated Scenes, and a complete list of all DVD titles.

In addition, you can also browse content by genre, studio, or series. They've given you the option to browse by model (all 1343 of them) alphabetically, no less. Clicking a DVD title takes you to a page containing a cast list, running time, and a lengthy synopsis. In addition, you may also view the front and back of the DVD in nicely sized JPEGs (535x768 pixels). They also have the interesting feature of allowing users to review rate and even review individual scenes.

The movies are split up into scenes, usually 4-5 scenes each lasting about 18 minutes, and come in a variety of formats: AVI, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Flash, IPOD, and PSP. They even include links to download software needed to play certain formats.

I was shocked at how poor the quality was on some of these clips. The 'High Quality' WMV option, in particular, surprised me. It looked altogether far too grainy to be 'High Quality', and certainly wasn't 'DVD Quality'. As you can imagine, this leaves little hope for the medium and low quality options, which probably aren't even worth downloading unless you have an ancient connection.

Thankfully, the MPG files come to the rescue. They look absolutely astonishing at 640x480 and 2708 kbps. In fact, they're probably about as close to DVD quality as they come. I should mention, however, that they're quite large files. An eighteen minute clip can as big as 340 MB! I guess it's a good thing that the download speeds here are excellent. I've clocked them in at a lightning fast average of 1280 kb per second! Luckily they have quite a clever system to take care of this. A long strip of thumbnail from each scene is displayed and lets you customize your own clip by letting you drag and drop starting point and ending point. Then right click and save the clip containing your selected content. This feature however is only available in MPG format.

I have to admit that, initially, I was disappointed with the number of DVDs here. I've seen quite a few of these sites in my day, and less than three thousand videos is hardly impressive in this respect. However, after further examination, I've found that nearly half of these movies were added as recently as six months ago. That makes this a relatively new site. While that's not the most impressive update record, they still have time to grow. I should add, they've also got an impressive list of niches to choose from. Everything from 'Granny' to 'smoking'.


Video Sexperts is a well-organized, good-looking site with an impressive variety of niches to choose from; however, the current DVD count isn't completely up to the par with some of the competition out there. It's a shame this solitary Achilles-heel has to get in the way of what is otherwise a killer site. If they could just up their amount of titles, I'd be hard pressed not to recommend them.

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