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Shoejobs and Footjobs review

Summary: Despite high expectations, this site turned out to be a regular ripoff. There's only about 20 photo galleries at the site, and even though they are pretty good quality, it doesn't even nearly justify the premium price tag! Stay away and look elsewhere for foot fetish sites.

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Score 20.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-02-19



Intro promises

"Congratulations to all shoejob and footjob fans - you come to the number 1 site on the web for XXX pictures and videos of hot feet in shoes wanking cocks until they are covered in cum...and there's nothing sexier than a pair of strappy high heels coated in fresh hot cum. We have recently updated our content for 2008 and will be adding more exciting new sets in the coming what are you waiting for? Join us now."

- SEXY FOOTJOB VIDEOS - High quality inside

First impression

There's something special about girls who have enough dexterity in their feet to make your cock erupt like a cum filled volcano. The teaser images and video are enticing, and the site design is elegant. The tour boasts it's the one of the number one sites for shoe and foot-jobs. That's a pretty bold claim. Being an avid admirer of the female foot, I feel it's my duty to have a peak inside, and see if they can live up to all this hype.


$44.95 - 1 month (recurring)

Pay by Credit Card or Check.

Our opinion

You'll find your key to navigating the site at the top of the page. A horizontal menu with links to the following: Shoe jobs, Foot Jobs, Stocking Jobs, Shoe Cum, Hand Jobs, Custom Shoots, Shoe Job Parties and a XXX Shop. Directly below you'll find thumbnails leading to new content and various photo sets from last year. My first thought is that they should consider lowering the size of these thumbs. Honestly, they make the layout looks a bit amateurish and cluttered. I particularly found the lack of any discernible organization troubling.

As you'd expect, shoe jobs are the main focus here. The Shoe Job section has the most galleries (totaling in 17) whilst all the other categories are surprisingly bare. The stocking job only has 6 images! That's images - not galleries! Worst yet, the foot-job section much better with only 12. Also, where are the videos the tour promised? Good luck finding them... I've spent the better part of an hour trying. I'm starting to suspect that they just don't exist.

The pictures look like they are shot digitally and are of good quality. They're all in the JPEG format and have dimensions of 600x900 pixels. They have consistency in foot model quality, I'll give them that. All of them have nice, soft feet and many sport french pedicures. And of course, there are the expected shots of cum slathered toes and shoes. I've seen everything from stilettos to sandles, glistening with thick layers of gooey, white cum.

My main complaint about the pictures would be that you never see the girls faces. Many of you probably won't mind this but I can't help but find it more than a bit disheartening after seeing the, in my opinion, HIGHLY misleading tour images.

To their credit, it is admirable that they chose to do a site specializing in 'Shoe Jobs'. This aspect of the fetish is often neglected. I can't recall the last time I saw a 'shoe job' site. It's a pity they couldn't do any better. I do admire the fact that they take suggestions from their members, at no additional fee, on what types of photo set they'd like to see. I only hope this means they'll be expanding their content a GREAT deal in the future.


I went into Shoejobs and footjobs wit high hopes. Sadly, I'm not sure I could recommend it to even the most diehard foot/shoe fetishist. The tour is misleading, there's a tremendous lack of material and the price of admission is simply outrageous.

Honestly, there's far too many sites based around this niche, which do it much better. If they'd advertised themselves a bit more honestly, I'd have not felt so let down. Only if they expand their content a great deal, will they may be worth checking out. Until then, buyer beware!

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