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Stocking Stars review

Summary: Stocking Stars contains both videos and pictures of hot models all wearing stockings and sexy underwear. Both pictures and videos look pretty good, but the action itself doesn't seem overly focused on its niche.

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Melissa, 2006-11-06

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Intro promises

Open up the underwear drawer to this site and feel all of the sexy nylons that Stocking Stars have in store for you. This intro page is put together with a seductive tone to it, the colors, the images, the expressions, everything just reeks sex, and you are going to get plenty of it. They promise that the images and videos that you find through your membership will be original and exclusive. There are sample movie clips and image counts that are extremely high... screen captures maybe? I also want to mention that this site does come with bonuses that will make your dollar go a bit further. A model index breaks down some of the beauties that you’ll find and you’ll be an admirer forever of the way their long legs look clad in that sheer material and what they can do while wearing it.

First impression

I enjoy sites that have a certain niche to them and as well as the tour area is laid out for this site, I’m looking forward to digging a bit deeper. I’m expecting nice quality, with what’s been presented thus far, they have given nothing less.


Our opinion

Rolling these nylons up the legs was probably more of a chore than navigation is for this site. You have approximately 60 entries of either picture galleries or videos, all contained on one page and broken into side by side selections of the movie or the pictures. Short little write ups give you the description of dampness these ladies are feeling while their sex is saturated while wearing the garter belts, thigh highs, thongs and spiked heels. I like the glow that radiates off of this page, sort of a golden look almost that adds to the allure.

Against my expectations, the images are actually real photos, and they are nice quality, the clarity, the colors, the lighting, everything is mixing well and coming up to the finished product of a nice although not top quality image. The pixel size for these images is a decent 768x1024. You are given some options on the enlargement pages, they would like for you to rate the picture, you can add it to your favorites and you don’t have to keep going back to the gallery, they supply the “next” link right there for your convenience. Katina was the girl I wanted to mention in my write up, her dark hair blended well with the black lingerie she offered herself in. Her perfectly rounded ass, framed by the black garter belt, separated only by the slit of her thong, matched her perfectly rounded mouth that she knew exactly what to do with. She licked, sucked and slobbered all over his meaty shaft until he couldn’t stand anymore and took her from behind. Of course he was feeling her nylon clad legs during their episode of arousal. Yes, the images are to be appreciated here.

As for the video section of Stocking Stars, they are taking care of everyone’s needs. Katina was the girl I remained riveted by and her video really brought her talents to motion. They offer this particular film broken down into 5 parts in WMV, with a screen size of 320x240 / 591 kbps for the dial-up users, which is a nice touch. They use both streaming and download options, also a nice touch, but I wasn’t overly fond of the quality. And the trying to view the full screen wasn’t the best idea I ever had. My vote definitely goes to their choice of offering you a full length in WMV with a screen size of 640x480 and bitrate of 1,62 Mbps. This version had a download size of 250 mb. There was much more clarity and crispness of course and just a joy to watch. You might also opt for the full scene in MPEG format, either one played with high quality. All episodes were broken down to approximately 4½ minutes of perversion while the full scenes offered you nearly 23 minutes of uninterrupted arousal.

As I mentioned earlier in my write-up, this site does hold bonus material as well, which is the reason for relatively small counts of content through images and videos as an overall. The pictures bring in hundreds per gallery, which you’ll enjoy thumbing, and palming your way through, but just like the videos, you’re looking at around 30 galleries, not bad, but they are offering more sites to boost your balls. Those extra pay sites that come with your membership fee are; Sperm Blasters, Leash Sex, Back Stabbing Sluts, Cherry Red Bottoms, and Almond Tease. So besides their offer of nylon clad women that use their hose to entice your “hose,” you are also getting something for spanking lovers, women covered in cum, Asian action, low down and dirty best friends fucking your significant other, and exclusive movies that feature sluts on leashes.


Ok, I’ll admit it, I enjoyed doing Stocking Stars. There are no frills, no areas to get lost in, just click here and stroke there lingerie action. The kick-ass heels that are worn by these women make their legs look even sexier while clad in pretty sheer nylons. The images were nice quality with good resolution and the videos were catering to dial up users and broadband, giving you episodes and full run, with the higher screen size bringing the better quality.

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