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Without question High-Definition porn is one of our favorite categories here at Adult Reviews. It is one of the few ways that sites stand out right now. With the rapid improvement of internet services as well as film and production technology the perfect storm has formed to bring you full HD porn to your computer. We're talking huge videos that are as good as any BluRay disc, with stunning detail and clarity. These are loaded with enough pixels to see everything and when that clarity is brought to bare on hardcore sex of any type the results are fantastic. Of course the softcore and solo girl sites in the mix here are among the top ranked as well, allowing for surfers to soak in the beauty and sex appeal of their favorite stars at an entirely new level. The sites listed in our high-definition category must meet strict technical benchmarks to be considered “HD Porn”. HD is not a label open to interpretation. Videos must be either 720p (1280x720 pixels) or 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) to be considered High Def. Besides that, the bit rate must be sufficient – that means how much data is stored for each second of video. The more and higher the better. It is listed in mbit/s. Many sites are exaggerating their media quality. Check our list—if they aren't listed, they don't offer real high definition porn.

Editor's picks

  • »ZTOD - One of the best HD offers online with the entire archive of Zero Tolerance productions available.
  • »In The Crack - HD close ups of beautiful models getting naked and playing with their pussy and ass hole.
  • »X-Art - A great collection of HD porn scenes in many different categories. A simple and effective site.
  • »FTV Girls - Amateur girls interviewed and filmed while masturbating in super high quality HD.

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Total 2 reviews
  • Ultra Films screenshot
    Ultra Films
    Date: 2018-03-14

    Summary: These days we have 4K HD which they call Ultra HD, and yes, it's fantastic. But the thing is, if you're on a medium or slow connection, it's a right pain in the butt to stream and takes ages to download. I reckon that with a good site the standard 720p or 1080p HD is just as good for your needs. Unless you're going to be playing the movies on a massive screen, you only need 720p or 1080p HD. Ultra Films has both 1080p and 4K options, and if you have a fast internet speed your going to appreciate the 4K option, but the 1080p is going to satisfy most people. If you're after sizzling Euro porn in HD, with easy access and good download options including scene clips, then go take a look.

  • Sinful XXX screenshot
    Sinful XXX
    Date: 2017-09-18

    Summary: We all know that High Definition movies are 720p or 1080p or above, and that's fine. But there's more to making a porn film than just filming it in HD. Check out what's on offer at Sinful XXX and you will see what I mean. Amazing movies that are in HD - and you can tell. They have lower res options as well, for us on slower connections.

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Total 2 reviews