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Summary: is a large webcam network with an impressive array of online models. The audiovisual quality is superb and there are many ways to get to know your favorite models better through free chats and previews before going one on one. The only downside is the lack of an active credit counter, and that prices can be high, especially for group nude shows. Some models also tend to want to talk before getting naked. Private chats typically cost $4.99 or $5.99 per minute.

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Graham Stroker, 2010-03-30

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Intro promises

"The ultimate live video chat site!"

" you up close and personal with the sexiest, kinkiest models."

" lets you...interact with thousands of the hottest webcam models in the world."

First impression

There is no introductory page. You simply get a page with thumbnails of models. One might think the lack of a place for displaying hooks and eye-catching goodies contained within big chests might cause hindrance. It is a gamble, true; but wins all the strip poker chips because its streamlined design lets members (and hopefuls) gaze directly upon the current online models. That is better than a pretty cover page.


Payment Processors:
Credit Card, Checking Account, Fax, Mail

Our opinion

There are various levels of membership, which are provided in the clearly written FAQ; but I will provide them here as well for the sake of convenience. No matter which membership, you still have to pay per minute to watch private shows with the models.

Guests (free) can watch models in the free video chat, but they can not participate in any discussions. Basic membership (free) allows people to interact with the models and purchase access to private galleries and recorded shows. They can also take models into private or group nude shows. Premiere members (see prices below) have all the aforementioned basic benefits as well as the following: free access to thousands of snapshot galleries, the ability to connect directly with any model, and the possibility to spend up to $300 per day. Should the last benefit seem more like a restriction, there is the option to upgrade your account to a VIP membership. At this level, your spending limit is dissolved. You do not have to initially be a premier member to upgrade to VIP status. Instead, you have to fill out and submit a PDF document.

Model fan clubs ($14.95 for a month and $30.05 for three months) could be stretched to fit into the category of membership types. This will give you discounts, enable access to that model's recorded shows--including those made exclusively for fan club members--and screen captures, grant email privileges, and let you read their private diaries. The actual act of joining does require money, though.

Once you're ready for action, you can dive right in by clicking on a desired model, or fill out your preferences in the appropriate section. This will better help you find models that will more than satisfy your wildest fantasies! Two ways to do this are the "Favorites" button and "Your Preferred Models" link.

Regardless of which path you choose, the actual action can unfold in three ways. Clicking on the photographs underneath the blue banner with the white text "Free LIVE Cam Chat" will take you into a model's (or models') general chat. From there, you can click the self-explanatory "Start Private Show" or "Start Cam2Cam" underneath the video feed. If she is already in a private show, you will be given the option to voyeur the show. Voyeurs cannot interact with the models or hear sound if the models have microphones. On the plus side, the shows are cheaper. You just have to hope the lucky member is having the model do things that would arouse you. Clicking on the model's name underneath the picture will instead direct you to her profile, which contains much useful information. For example, there is a detailed calendar, which is also fortunately displayed on the left side of the free chat.

Should you lack specific intentions, you can click on any of the model pictures under the banner "Live Nude Cam Chat". This is where the models will perform their shows. This is supposed to let you watch models at a lower price than private shows, but you should be cautious. You will be billed the advertised rate for a ten-minute show. This could be more money than you may have spent by using the per-minute price. And if the show lasts more than ten minutes, you will receive a bill for the first ten minutes, plus an additional per-minute fee for every minute after that. I don't discourage this feature, but I suggest you use it wisely. Oh, and if you want to give the new girls and guys some love, you can easily find the section on the first page, too.

I experienced more models on this site than on any other site that refused to get sexual. One said she was too depressed at that time to get naked, and even when in a good mood, she said she would not show her pussy. Several other models require getting to know the member for a while--at least three to five sessions. Others will only get naked when you take them one2one, which can deplete the credits at an alarming rate. If you book such a session with one of these models, prepare to have at least 100 credits on your account, or all you will see is her sitting there while she types about getting naked. With that said, there are a decent amount of models who love to get naked. Several times I went into a semi-private room and the model would be fully nude, shoving a dildo into her pussy. Just test the water and leave as soon as you realize the model is refusing to do anything. That's if you want to watch a sexual session without getting to know the models first. Most of them who are unwilling to get naked immediately will play naughtily with you after spending some time (and money!) on them.

I will end this review by mentioning the superb video quality. It's some of the best I have ever seen! And the sound is generally quite impressive, when the models have that capability. There are four size options for the video feeds: fit to screen, small, medium, and full. I usually use medium because it doesn't stretch, and subsequently distort, the image. One thing that is incredibly annoying is the lack of a funds counter. Sure, it displays in an obvious area, refreshing each time you leave a paid room; however, it doesn't actively countdown when you are in a private or group show. This is frustrating. Fortunately, it is the only downside to the fantastic webcam site that is


Are they the kinkiest as the site claims? Perhaps they are, but that can never really be proven. Are they the sexiest? Is the ultimate live adult adventure? Those two questions have highly suggestive answers. Still, is a great adult webcam sites. With excellent technical quality, the models really glisten, especially when you get them naked which can turn out to be quite a feat.


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