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Im Live review

- 2nd revisit

Review Update

We now have a great exclusive deal that will get you up to 50 free credits with your first purchase at This cam site continues to offer a nice variety of models, high quality live streams and covers loads of sexual scenarios.

Score 90.1 /100
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Summary: is a very efficient and fun way to chat and watch nude webcam girls. The database of girls is impressive with good filtering options and there is always a lot online at all times. The video feed is good technical quality and almost all the girls seemed friendly and responsive. On top of that, private chats are cheap compared to other live chat sites at around $2 per minute. Membership is free.

Graham Stroker, 2018-04-20

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Intro promises

- Video Chat LIVE with experts or enjoy a live chat at the world’s largest webcam arena!
- Up to $50 worth of free credits with your first purchase.
- Live sex chat with cam girls. Join everyone’s favorite webcam arena!

First impression

I wasn’t overly impressed with the first page. It reminded me of Craigslist. However after a few clicks, I as a guest, had the option of seeing which models were currently online and I could view their profiles with bio etc.


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Our opinion

Upon logging into my account, I was greeted by a page with a design similar to the introductory one. The simple layout does look clean cut and is easy to read. On the left side, the account balance is displayed clearly. It shows both regular credits and Happy Hour credits. These will be discussed later in the review.

Finding models to cam with is quite easy. The default tab is Live Video Chat. There are five main categories written in bold. The first one is Live Sex Chat, which lists the number of performers currently online out of the total number of performers. At the time of this review, there were 931/38,790 webcams available. The second category is Cam Girls, which is further broken down into Girl Alone, Shy Girl Alone, Fetish & BDSM, Girl Alone (Lesbian), and Celebrity Porn Stars. The third category is Group Sex, which includes Girl and Guy (Couples), Girl on Girl, Guy on Guy, and Threesomes/Groups. The category Shemales consists of Shemales and Shemale Couples. Guy Alone (Gay) and Guy Alone (Straight) comprise the heading Hot Guys. Another category is called Friends and Romance. It is for perhaps establishing deeper connections than can be forged via average sex cam flings.

The last category is called Live Experts and allows members to chat with professionals from various fields (i.e., Mysticism & Spirituality; Health, Diet & Fitness; Business & Finance). In these regards, is atypical.

There are two other tabs. Recorded Live Sessions is a self-explanatory tab that has the same categories as Live Video Chat. Models can record their shows if they wish and upload them. Members must pay credits per minute to catch these performances. Their total length is provided on the appropriate page so that viewers can more accurately plan their expenditures. Sometimes members can record content. It depends on the model. The last tab is simply entitled Videos. These were made intentionally, and are not the result of a recorded session. Members also pay credits to watch them, but this isn't a per-minute fee. Promotional clips are available for each video, and sometimes the only movies available are promos used to get members interested in whatever model posted them.

Members can also search the website using a basic or advanced engine. I used the former to quickly find the models I had been assigned to review. Regardless of what method members choose, they will eventually be able to click on a desired model’s thumbnail. A page will come up with several links and a textual greeting, which will contain any applicable discount code. Members can also view their profiles, which have all the usual biographical information, and check out any recorded material--whether it is snapshots, movies, or recorded shows.

Clicking on Live Sex Video Chat will bring up another page that lists the price per minute and provides a space for any discount code to be typed. This will also be where viewers can click the check box to not be seen on webcam. I wish that there was a more obvious way to disable cam-to-cam because there were a few times where I had neglected to click the box.

The actual show will progress in a manner dependent upon the model and her respective category. Sessions can generally be viewed as either standard size or supersize. I recommend the former because the latter will be stretched and grainy. The structures of the chats are the same. The most annoying universal feature is the fact that there is no credit counter to keep track of time spent. This is beyond frustrating!

At the end of each private show, members are prompted to rate their hostess (or host) on five different areas: Service, Appearance, Rate of Return, Attentiveness, and Overall Rating. Members can also vote on "the host’s outstanding feature", which includes attributes like Hottest Ass and Best Legs. Models who consistently get good reviews will win awards, which can be viewed by visiting their profiles.

In general, the models on the website were hit or miss when it came to being sexual. Most of them were hits. A lot of them were willing to get naked and have some naughty fun; however, there were some who didn't want to do that. In fact, I had a couple sessions with models who refused to do anything at all. One sat there drinking tea and told me her friend was over so she couldn't get naked or do anything remotely sexual. I don't think models should get online if they cannot do anything sexual at all.

While in a private sexual with one of the resident transsexuals, I accidentally called her a "sir" because she had a self-proclaimed "lady cock", and she got really upset and closed the session. In sum, you are taking a bit of a gamble when you take models into private, which kind of sucks because those that have free chats do not have free video feeds. That is why I recommend reading the individual model reviews.

Regular credits can be used on any show at whatever time. Happy Hour credits are used during a time frame unique to each model, although the term is perhaps misleading. Happy Hour is what calls its non-exclusive nude shows. They are cheaper, much like any other voyeur chat room. Before entering a Happy Hour show, viewers can choose to take the discount and have two minutes to direct the show--members who aren’t currently directing the show cannot type--or they can chose to spend the regular price and have four minutes as the director. In order to direct the show, members must click the Wait-In-Line box to queue up for the director’s position. If there are a lot of people waiting in line, you best be sure you have plenty of credits.

Conclusion is an easily accessible live webcam site that has a bit more to offer than just naked models. Still, live sex video chats are the focus, and with its large number of girls constantly online, members are almost guaranteed to find someone attractive and interesting.

Technical quality is usually pretty good, but nothing out of the ordinary for live chat sites. Girls were generally kind and responsive, although I had a few unfortunate experiences.

Prices are very reasonable for live chatting. A private nude chat or show costs around $2 per minute which is cheap.


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