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I'm Live review

- 1st revisit

Summary: I'm Live offers live chat and webcam sessions with a huge number of amateur girls and couples. The website works well with lots of info and previews about every model as well as free softcore chats. One-on-one chat sessions cost from around 2 credits per minute.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Mephistopheles, 2008-10-09

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Intro promises

- Over 13,000,000 members
- 12,000 new members every day
- Live sex chat with cam girls
- Join everyone's favorite webcam arena!

First impression

My first impression on logging in to "I'm Live" was that this joint looks more akin to some sort of gambling website than a more every day porn site. The usual porn format of stunning girls on display seems to be sacrificed for a flashy array of adverts, animations and news feeds. To be honest, I felt more than a bit overwhelmed, and I wasn't quite sure where to look.


25 Credits for $25
50 Credits for $50
75 Credits for $75
100 Credits for $100

Our opinion

Aside from the slew of annoying ads, the member's area appears to be both extremely well thought out and designed. Topping the page is a gray, horizontal row of buttons that is essential to managing the ins and outs of your account. Most of this stuff is pretty self explanatory and, in the event of signing up, you'll no doubt figure it out rather easily, so I won't bore you with any technical jargon about updating credits or contacting customer support.

Hovering my mouse over the "Live Sex Chat" option displays 14 categories ranging from girl/girl to trannies. Each category has a little block with a green number in it. The number indicates the number of shows happening at any given moment. I must have hit the site at an active hour because there were hundreds of shows going on.

Not wanting to spend all my chips immediately, I started on a safe bet and looked up a couple of gay cams. I soon remembered why I wasn't gay and returned to watching solo girls on cam.

After spending my first half an hour or so perusing the feeds on "I'm Live" I would say I was intrigued but a little frustrated with the level of professionalism on show with some of these girls. Of course, one has to take a step back and remember that these are real girls not pro porn stars. I for one, was all too used to the sight of the well scripted porn and found myself a little taken aback by some of the things I encountered here.

For example, trying to role-play with one woman she asked that I made my requests politely, rather than simply commanding her to slip off her skirt. I replied that I knew little of good manners since I was a savage from the jungle, at which point, to my amazement, she proceeded to cut me off.

In another instance, I chatted to Margaret, a Polish girl with somewhat shocking English abilities. Lying spread-eagled on the bed she looked like quite an enticing treat, but when I asked her to talk dirty to me in her sexy voice I received little more than a few blown kisses and slew of gibberish typed at me.

After a bit of perseverance, things started to look a little better. I found a cute latin couple who were poised and ready for action. No sooner had I connected than the girl had ripped off the guy's Y fronts and started munching on his cock. I requested that she began eating his asshole.

Again, without hesitation, she got down to it and started brown nosing. I was tempted, as I always am in these situations to see how far I could push them with bizarre requests. But then I remembered, just a few years ago that poor girl was out buying dresses with her mother.

The screen size is actually rather big and the frame rate is impressive. What I liked most, however, is the audio. It's nice to have these girls be able to talk dirty to me. It adds another level to the interaction and, in my opinion, overall 'turn-on' factor. Many sites of this nature don't have that option, and when they do it's so poor it's not even worth it. Fortunately, these girls come through crystal clear.

I may have came off a little harsh on some of the girls earlier, but it's for good reason. You see, in addition to your monthly fee, to view these videos you'll also have to purchase 'credits.' The amount of time you have to view each show is dependent on the amount of credits you have.

50 credits is equal to roughly a half an hour of show time with most of these models; 50 credits costs fifty dollars. So, as you can imagine, unless you're Donald Trump you aren't gonna be wasting your precious credits bickering. Also, prices vary from model to model, and each has their own set price list.

If you're not in the mood for live chat or you're just low on credits, you can watch prerecorded shows for a much lower rate. This may be a good alternative for a quick wank or if your favorite model isn't online.

Although, that shouldn't be too much of a problem, there always seems to be hundreds, if not thousands online. There's so many, in fact, it could become a bit troublesome to pick one. Fortunately each girl has her own profile containing a bio, vital statistics and even sample photos. While on the surface this might not seem like much, it can be a real time-saver when trying to find the right girl for you.

You can also choose the 'free chat' option, if you wish to talk to the girl without seeing her on video; though I've noticed they don't seem to be very receptive to this, it is worth a shot.

One feature which I found very cool was the "Happy Hour." Apparently, certain times during the day girl's slows are discounted far below the normal price. This helped me view far more than I normally could have with my limited amount of credits.


Although the girls do sometimes lack professionalism, I think the realism of the experience goes a long way to make up for this. The experience on I'm Live reminds me somewhat of being with a whore - having a girl there to fulfill your every whim and desire, and of course as with whores, there are some who do an excellent job, and some who aren't worth the soul God gave them.

All in all, if you get off to having a little alone time with a girl, watching her strip and play with herself then you may well feel like a kid in a candy shop. It didn't do too much for me personally, but the couples were definitely a step up. I felt like I was on set directing my very own amateur porn films. In addition, I also think your money goes a bit further here than other sites of a similar nature. Highly recommended!

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