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Im Live review

Summary: Im Live is an amateur babes live cam/chat site. There are recorded videos for a fee and a lot of chat rooms offered.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2015-09-15

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Intro promises

"VideoChat Live With Experts!"

"Become an ImLive Member and you'll be able to contact all of our expert VideoChat Hosts, chat with them, view select Host photos, see some of the top Hosts in your favorites, get notified about special events and parties and more... all for FREE! And we'll even get you started on the right foot with a FREE gift of $6.00 ImLive VideoChat Credit* that you can spend instantly! YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A WEBCAM! ImLive is YOUR arena for live VideoChat on the web.

*$6 valid for first time users only, will be available for the first 4 hours after joining and can only be used in the adult oriented areas of ImLive."

First impression

Before really looking at the site at all and just reading the tagline, I thought the concept was pretty funny. They're calling webcam models experts instead of something dirtier. But, the site is actually filled with all kinds of rooms and topics for chatting. However, I ask you: Who cares? This is another chance to see boobies. That's all you and I need. The site design looks very bland and basic. Hopefully the content and options will help make the site enjoyable for this expert.


Our opinion

Okay. I think the best way to go through this is to describe the step by step process. The members main page acts as a nice little hub for everything the site offers. You have various ads for features within the site telling you how to better utilize it. It immediately makes you aware of such possibilities as the message inbox, activities log, and scheduled meetings. Most importantly, all the chat room categories are neatly laid out for you for easy browsing. Obviously you want to head towards the adult oriented material.

Clicking on that will give you a text list of all the sub-categories. There's a pretty good array of shows being put on at any given time. You can explore both girls and guys and most combinations of the two. There are three areas for all of these categories. The first is the host pages. This will tell you how many webcams are in each category and in green it'll say how many are currenly online. Next down the list is how many have fan clubs (more on that later). Last is where you can find recorded videos.

The recorded videos will cost you a small fee (about the same amount as it would be for a website's trial run). You can't download it, but what's nice is that you can access it as much as you want for a 24 hour period. I like this system and it makes perfect sense. The videos are nothing more than previous webshows that happened to be recorded. If you can't get into the room of your favorite performer(s), then this is a pretty nice alternative. The screen size is small and the movies never complete and the frame rate jumps since it's a webcam transfer, but it's a good option for a reasonable price.

So, now after you watch that and you have a hint of what the live chat will be like. Let's get into one. First you have to pick one of thirteen categories of cam action. For the sake of simplicity, let's use the "Girl Alone" section as an example. I pick this because it's the largest and thus is the only category to offer an advanced search (or any type of search) function. The search isn't all that great, either. It gives you options in such fields as build, bust, hair color and age, but it fails to let you select more than one of these at a time. It simply links you to a results page filled with all online cams that fit that one criteria.

Once you've settled in with a category, you have to find a girl. They are spread out one per row on what looks to me like light blue/white accounting paper. You can see a teensy thumbnail, a description, any awards they might have, as well as the number of photos and videos available for browsing. The descriptions are pretty handy and usually either give you a price (so you don't have to waste the extra clicks) or they may even give you a discount code for that model's page. The discounts are pretty generous and readily available. This site even offers something called happy hour, where you can see selected girls' cams at a radically reduced rate. Always good to think about the bargain cam shopper.

You can link from this page straight into free chat mode or live video (pay) chat mode. But if you need a little more info before spending your money, then you'll want to check out the profiles. Clicking on a girl's bio page will give you quick access to plenty of key info. Normally I would dismiss these pages filled with turn ons and sexual preferences. But in a site like this you can use this material to your advantage. If you like what she does, then you'll both enjoy it and you should get a better performance. You can also take a look at all the snapshots the performer has taken. These are especially helpful if the original thumbnail doesn't show you the whole story. Yeah she has a nice rack, but is her face up to par? Click there to find out. Also, you can see what times they perform as well as any special features their cam has (such as sound, or if they use toys, etc.). There are a few interactive features available here that help round out the site. You can tell your friends, schedule a video chat, send the performer a message or add her to your favorites. All the options you can think of are included in this site.

A lot of the girls also offer fan clubs. These can be double edged swords. If you find someone you really like and want to visit often, this will be good for you. If you're just trying to chat with a girl that has a fan club could become problematic. They'll nearly force you to join before you can/they will consider chatting. "Just exit out, join my fan club and come back in. It'll be cheaper for you." Which is true to an extent. But what if you only have $20.00 left and you don't want to blow $16.00 on joining just for a discount? I don't want to waste my time arguing with someone. I'm here to have fun.

From what I can tell. The rates are univeral. $16.00 for one month and $30.00 for two. Both non-recurring (...good). If you can afford it, you'll get exclusive fan club snapshots, exclusive fan club videos, an expanded bio page, a potential diary, a forum, and the option to send priority email.
This site gives you tons of things to do. The main thing you'll be looking for is the chat. It won't be hard at all to find a girl that meets your needs. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, builds and sexual orientations. The site features thousands of girls to choose from (hundreds online at any given time). And as far as the amatuer look goes, these girls are more hit than miss. It can make your choice very difficult. It's also nice that you can completely bypass the free chat area if you want to get your private show. Unfortunately the site doesn't have a way of keeping track of who's in the middle of a show and who's not.

It's not too hard to get into a one-on-one chat with your performer of choice. And once you're in, they are very inviting, receptive and fun. Unlike other sites I've visited, in this one you are actually talking to these people. You won't see any new messages when they're off doing what you ask them to do. The girls I talked to were great and extremely responsive. Whatever I asked was done right away. Any teasing was brief (unless I asked for more) as to not waste my money. My visits were highly enjoyable and highly recommended. The only things detracting from it are that you will almost certainly have to download something to allow you to view the cams, and the frame rate is pretty damn choppy. Even in the high quality stuff, the refresh rate could be a lot better.


But even so, the attractiveness of the girls coupled with the realism and intimacy of the private chats makes it worth while. The navigation of the site is really good, and at the top of the pages they give you links to the most recent pages visited on the site. I'd like to see more done with the site design. From the main, pure text page I would never guess that there was such a great, comprehensive, option-filled site to be had. Nor would I take the time to find out. You really can't beat a lot of the prices to be found. It's an amazing value for such a wide reaching website that brings you virtually all you can ask for. If you like cams, then you owe it to yourself to check this site out. If you've never tried them before, but are curious -- this is a great, inexpensive place to get you hooked.


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