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Strip Hi Lo review

Summary: takes an intriguing approach to the live webcam niche. Instead of just goading a model to partial or complete nudity, viewers play a strip card game to get her naked one clothing article at a time. There is no penalty when the viewer loses, except for the expended credits.

Score 75.0 /100
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Graham Stroker, 2010-07-27

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Intro promises

"See and play live strip games with amateur girls!"
"100's of amateur girls live now!"

First impression

The image of the scantily clad redhead holding a hand of cards while lying on a circular gaming table also adorned with cards and a webcam perfectly captured the site's premise. There was no doubt that the live action would incorporate strip card games. Beyond that, I couldn't really tell. I no doubt had to dig deeper to see what was precisely happening.


Payment Processors:
CC Network. Billed after spending $20 - $50, unless inactive before spending minimum.

Our opinion

My first destination was the guided tour. I did not want to start covering the content without first having a firm grasp on what the site offered. On "What is StripHiLo?", I read that they are "are always looking for new ways for our Viewers and sexy webcam babes to have fun and engage in Live webcam action, and the opportunity to play exciting Strip Games with and against a webcam babe". Sounds simple enough--and exciting!

Continuing the tour, "The Service" launches into specifics. StripHiLo is actually the card game you play with your chat hostess. The rules are simple, although I suggest rereading them on the actual website. A standard fifty-two card deck is used (no Jokers). It consists of as many rounds as you wish. The object is to get your hostess naked or as unclothed as you want. (You can also make requests, but they might not be heeded until you win the game.) You each start with a card. During your turn, you have to guess if the next card you are dealt will be higher or lower than the one you already have displayed. (Note: Aces are numerically low.) If your guess is correct, a green check mark will show up in the space between the two cards. If you are wrong, a red X will appear. Regardless of the choice, it is the hostess's turn. A round ends when one of you gets a green check when the other doesn't. She will take off the selected item of clothing if you are the winner of the round. If she gets the check mark when you don't, the round is restarted and no clothing is removed. (During this whole process, there is a chat room for steamy communication and friendly taunts.) If you are still confused, play the demo game.

When you have grasped the concept and are ready to play, your next step is to choose a chat hostess. The somewhat stereotypical categories are as follows: Hot HiLo Blondes, Busty HiLo Brunettes, Sexy HiLo Redheads, HiLo Double Trouble, Crazy HiLo Europeans, Mysterious HiLo Asians, Passionate HiLo Latinas, and Black HiLo Beauties. All are self-explanatory, except for Double Trouble, which includes two hostesses.

Once you have chosen a model, you are taken to her profile. It is simple yet has all the necessary information like ethnicity and age. Clicking on the "Play Strip HiLo" button will take you to a page that will list pricing information. These vary. For example, some models charge $1.94/min, while others charge $3.00/min. Little green clothing icons underneath the price indicate what items (shirt, bra, pants/skirt, panties, or boots) a hostess is wearing. Agree to these terms, and you are taking to a room that is setup like the one in the demo. Have fun and good luck!

Since I was given some credits to test the site, I chose to play a game with black-haired, big-breasted beauty Katy4Fun. Her rate was $1.90/min, and she was wearing a pair of stilettos and an white-with-green-stripes underwear set. There is a cam-to-cam option, so I suppose you can get naked if you lose. There is also an option for sound if the model has a microphone. I lost four games in a row and decided to call it quits. I was not overly impressed with the video feed. It was small (320x240px) and lagged slightly.

Additional features include a free text chat. I advise using this first to see if your model truly wishes to play. I know that it should be appropriate to assume that a model is ready to play if she is online, but my experience as an adult cam site reviewer suggests otherwise. There are also free images that allow you to check out your chat hostess before playing the game. These pictures are small (286x240px).


Strip HiLo creates unique and sexy opportunities for viewers to play strip games with hot hostesses. Only the hostess removes her clothing... if the viewer wins. If the hostess wins, the round is reset, and the game is played until the hostess gets naked or the viewer runs out of credits. My experience with the game was mixed, but it sure is a different concept and a new way to entertain yourself online.


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