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Europe Hotties review

Summary: Europe Hotties is a new addition to Brain Pass network. Here Eastern European girls are getting fucked by one or more guys. Only content is video, but in high quality with 2.0 mbps. The site alone is not a a great deal, but the network makes up for it.

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Melissa, 2006-06-26

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Intro promises

Forget about packing your bags to see some of the wonders of the European world, they are coming to you on this website. The tour page of Europe Hottties introduces you to a model index worth the travel charges. Good looks and graceful tongues promise to bring off their counter parts and you get to see it from beginning to end. This website is a part of the Brain Pass Network, which if youíre familiar with porn sites, youíll know that means you have a lot of content in this combo conglomeration. There are pledges of; unlimited access to all content in network, DVD quality movies and good looking pictures, all content is said to be downloadable, and exclusive content is updated daily.

First impression

Iím pretty sure already of what Iím going to expect here, since Iíve reviewed a few sites belonging to this nookie network. The quality is generally very good, and you have enough to not only keep you busy, but you may never catch up. Since they update daily and you have so many sites to choose from, youíll feel like a kid in a pussy covered candy store!


30 days $29.95 (recurring)
90 days $59.95 (recurring)

Credit card

CCBill, PayCom

Our opinion

No matter what site leads you in the direction of the Brain Pass Network, youíll open up the membership area to a page that holds it all. Our intended site is at the top, but you can wander through any of them that you please. They give a nice representation of how you can browse by sites, studios, featured models, DVD library, latest updates, upcoming updates, niches, etc. You can just go wild with your clicker on this page, but mine is pointed at Europe Hotties, after all, thatís what my write up is about.

Meet the latest videos on this first page, or wander through the archived material. Personally, Iím going to check out one of the updates that immediately caught my eye. Itís a presentation by a girl named Sharon that does a double ass fuck. Let me start out my writing by saying, ďOuch!Ē Ok, now we can proceed. In my attempt at remaining professional here Iíll let you know what youíre offered for the viewing pleasure of videos on this site. You have low speed, high speed, and then 73 pictures as well. Normally I go for the pictures first, but there are exceptions to every rule and a double ass penetration does pre-empt pictures. They do cater to your connection on this site, through the low speed option you have WMV (56Kbps), WMV (128 Kbps) and MPG (350Kbps).

I would like to say forget about the low speed WMV, the quality was poor, and donít even attempt to watch it in the full screen run, itís so distorted it loses all sexiness in the transaction. But, I realize there are a lot of dial up users out there that donít have a choice, so just grin and ďbareĒ it I guess. As for the MPG, I had some trouble trying to stream it, so Iím going through the download process which is only taking a couple of minutes. The quality in this choice was a bit better, but no improvement on full screen. The video size comes in at just 240x160 with a run time of 5 minutes. It was 13MB in size, but I think Iím going to enjoy the higher speed more. Shall we? Here is where we find WMV (700Kbps), MPG (650Kbps), or you can download the full scene in WMV that also comes to you in DVD quality that means a bit rate of 2 Mbps.

What a difference it makes in high speed! The clarity was upgraded to more than much better, and the full screen viewing is definitely a pleasure here. For the WMV (700Kbps) choice youíre looking at this particular clip coming in at a play time of 1:54, it was 10MB in size and the video came in at 480x360. Iím definitely checking out more of what this site holds, but, just so you know, I donít think Iíll find anything that Iíve enjoyed as much as this 16+ minutes of full playing in the near DVD quality. Not only was the presentation a delight, but the action itself was not only totally realistic, but it was mind blowing hot! Yes, this girl definitely took on some interracial action and allowed her puckered back door to be invaded by not one, but two huge cocks that probably left her gaping for weeks. She blew them all like a pro and didnít argue a bit when they each unloaded what their balls were holding all over her face. This was some of the most authentic action Iíve seen portrayed in videos, and that makes a huge plus on my check list.

Since I neglected the pictures for a minute, I did want to let you know that what you get are screen captures, which donít have the highest quality but they are sexually filled. They donít enlarge to full screen, but you do get a nice size of 720x480 pixels. There is also a slide show option, that you will definitely have to take advantage of, because you are going to be much to busy stroking your cock to mess with the mouse.

I did notice that while going through this site, periodically when you click on links into pictures, clips, etc. you will have to enter your username, password and security letters once again. Which is a nuisance, but Iím sure there are good reasons for it. Out of the 18 videos offered on this site most of them hold multiple partners, so you are going to see these lovely girls being stretched from all directions. Thereís not a bad apple in the bunch, they just need more of it! The screen caps that come with each movie average out to be 75 in number. You can shop from this site for DVDís, toys, gay items, etc., so get out that Christmas list and start making notes. As for the bonus sites that accompany Europe Hotties, youíll find; Annie Berry, Bang Me Boys, Cherry Potter, Deep In Cream, Feet Frenzie, Lex Steele and Sperm Cocktail, just to name a few of the 36 sites available.


Donít walk to your credit card for Europe Hotties alone. Just as much for all of the bonus areas that you get with it, and they all carry quality material. I hardly ever have complaints about the Brain Pass Network except for the fact that they donít have enough self supporting material on each site. And this one is a prime example. However I spent more time here than I normally do on any sites because I enjoyed the heated content that much, itís so hardcore, and so sexy. This bundle of sites is worth joining, but as with most of the other Brain Pass sites, don't expect this site to be worth it alone.

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