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  • Now: $16.99
    Filthy Figments screenshot
    Filthy Figments
    Date: 2014-07-28
    Your price: $16.99.

    Summary: Filthy Figments offers a very nice collection of sex-positive erotic comics here. There are 18 artists working for the site now, drawing 20+ new pages of comic books each week and with more than 4,000+ pages published. The stories cover different fantasies and sex (tentacles, couples, dick girls, fairytales) as well as different artistic styles.

  • Now: $39.95
    Insane 3D screenshot
    Insane 3D
    Date: 2014-10-27
    Your price: $39.95.

    Summary: Real porn star models can only bring so many fantasies to life - some are just impossible to do in live action. That's where sites like Insane 3D step in, bringing you mythic creatures and mutants fucking and cumming in big breasted and beautiful babes in distress. This site also features celeb and famous comics characters in all types of explicit and fetish scenarios. The 3D art drawings are excellent in quality and have a real attention to detail that sets them apart.

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Total 2 reviews