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Each porn review on Adult Reviews consists of a detailed textual description and evaluation of the reviewed site as well as a 1-10 rating of 5 individual factors about the site together with an overall rating.


To provide a quick overview of each site, we have 5 individual and one overall rating. The ratings go from 1-10 stars with 0.5 intervals. Out of principle we will not give a site 10 out of 10 in overall rating since there is always something that can be improved.

  • »Overall score
    The overall score is a rough average of the scores below, but can be slightly higher or lower depending on our overall opinion of the reviewed site. A site can literally tick all the boxes, but still produce boring content. Or it can be hosted on a slow server and have mediocre video quality, but have energetic and highly entertaining content.

  • »Content quality
    The content quality score is primarily based on the technical quality of the site’s content. As a rule of thumb, true HD content (1280x720 (720p) or 1920x1080 (1080p)) will almost always result in a rating of 9.5. We have however experienced videos with HD resolution that look poor due to low bit rates. So it’s an individual evaluation. As for pictures, we expect that sites promising “high resolution pictures” feature at least 1280x960 pixels and not be compressed to a point where compression artifacts are present or otherwise take some of the enjoyment away.

  • »Speed
    One might think that download speed is no longer a factor today. But with especially videos becoming bigger and better quality all the time, it is more important than ever to be able to download them at a reasonable speed. A download speed of 500 kbyte/s is what we consider as minimum for a site providing good quality videos. Another important speed factor is that a page loads quickly within the porn site. Some techniques result in pages taking a long time to generate and load, which quickly becomes frustrating when browsing the site.

  • »Content vs. promised
    A key factor where we evaluate how well the reviewed site fulfils the expectations one will have after browsing the tour and free areas of the site. We have seen tours leaving you with the impression that you would see primarily hardcore content based on the preview images, and then turn out to be 95% softcore non-nude content. Or even sites claiming to have several thousand videos, but turn out to contain 20 videos with the rest being low-quality worthless “bonus” content.

  • »Price vs. content
    It’s not difficult to make the world’s best porn site if you can charge its members $500 a month. Making a great site at a reasonable price is much harder. But still it is justified to have certain expectations when handing over your hard earned money to a porn site. With the typical price tag of $24.95 to $29.95 for a month’s membership, you certainly expect several weekly updates with both pictures and videos.

  • »Navigation
    How easily and smoothly you are able to browse a site may mean more to some than others, but it is something we evaluate a site by. It can very quickly become frustrating having to click countless times on your browser's back button to get back to the main page just because the web designer didn’t think of including a Home-button or clicking ‘next gallery page’ 5 times to get to the good stuff. How updates are divided and organized also has a lot to say here. Consistency is a keyword.

More than ratings

The porn reviews that you find on our site are about much more than ratings of 1-10 stars. The star rating is intended to provide a quick overview of a porn site’s strong and weak sides. But obviously we can’t express our whole opinion about a porn site in star ratings.

What we do is divide each porn review into several paragraphs that each has a specific purpose and content.

  • »Intro promises
    Where we list the most important things promised by the porn site. We typically list them in a short list or briefly quote some explanatory text from the porn site’s tour.

  • »First impression
    The reviewer’s initial impression of the site after browsing the site’s tour area and then logging in.

  • »Our opinion

    The main section of the review where we evaluate the site thoroughly exploring a number of topics such as:

  • »The site’s theme and concept - and is it true to it?
  • »Is the content worth watching from a porn viewer’s perspective?
  • »Technical quality of the content
  • »Navigation

  • »Conclusion The conclusion is a summary of what we have written in the rest of the review together with a statement whether or not we will recommend the site and to whom.

  • »Prices
    We will list the porn site’s standard membership prices with comments about recurring/one time billing, limited trial, payment processor and other relevant information.

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For an overall explanation of the purpose with Adult Reviews, please see our mission statement.

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