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  • Katty Sexy screenshotoffline
    Katty Sexy from

    Date: 2010-05-20

    Summary: Katty was really accommodating and friendly. She really cared about viewer satisfaction, so her porn factor is going to be quite high--almost perfect. Also increasing it was her lack of shyness on the microphone and just the overall sexiness of her show. She could easily charge $4.99 a minute.

  • theLIONES screenshotoffline
    theLIONES from

    Date: 2010-04-19

    Summary: theLiones loves getting naughty, and she's rather vocal about it, too. She'll "make you cum like never before" and is "not into wasting your time or your money". Since her sound had such nice quality, it was even more arousing to hear her speak and moan. $1.99/min is definitely a steal.

  • BabyDolly screenshotoffline
    BabyDolly from

    Date: 2010-04-05

    Summary: BabyDolly seriously enjoys her job. She loves showing members her gigantic breasts and shaved-clean pussy. She will definitely engage you in textual dialog, letting you know how nice her fingers feel deep inside of her dripping wetness. She will tell you that she is also concerned with your sexual satisfaction.

  • SallyX screenshotoffline
    SallyX from

    Date: 2010-04-02

    Summary: Sally likes to type more than play, even if she does eventually get naked. She didn't start masturbating until almost six minutes into the chat. By that time, I had to leave because I had to save my credits for other reviews. Perhaps you will get luckier. She's definitely hot.

  • TekilaBOOM69 screenshotoffline
    TekilaBOOM69 from

    Date: 2010-03-05

    Summary: I wouldnít bother trying to coax TekilaBOOM69 into doing anything. She refused to for me, even kicking me out of her room at one point! That is extremely unprofessional, and I donít think she should be a webcam model. Sheís not even good to talk to because she types so slowly.

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Total 5 reviews