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  • Jackie Bell screenshotoffline
    Jackie Bell from

    Date: 2010-05-11

    Summary: Jackie Bell makes for an excellent private. She is polite and quick to respond. She will gladly give you her full attention so long as you aren't a jerk. Shyness doesn't enter her persona as she has no qualms about getting naked or talking on her microphone. She is definitely worth $4.99/min.

  • AmericanStyle screenshotoffline
    AmericanStyle from

    Date: 2010-03-07

    Summary: The 3.80 credit per minute price is perfect for AmericanStyle. Her show deserves to cost that much. She is not shy at all. On the contrary, she is very eager to show her body. She did so without even being asked, and then she fucked herself silly with her dildo.

  • FreeLove22 screenshotoffline
    FreeLove22 from

    Date: 2010-03-01

    Summary: FreeLove22 was loads of fun--hot loads, actually. She emanated sexuality and rampant lust, from her perfect body to her seductive manner of speaking. 1.98 credits per minute is an excellent price for her show. In fact, I think it is a bit too low for such a wonderful performer.

  • SEXenchantress screenshotoffline
    SEXenchantress from

    Date: 2010-03-13

    Summary: 2.80 credits per minute is definitely a steal for a private session with SEXenchantress. She truly is a sexual enchantress, imbuing her viewers with Staves of Hardness +10. Her amazing body and erotic movements will leave most people feeling satisfied. She will put lots of sexy ideas into your head.

  • KittyInYourLap screenshotoffline
    KittyInYourLap from

    Date: 2010-02-27

    Summary: KittyInYourLap was definitely worth the 3.80 credits/minute price tag. She chatted in an engaging manner, genuinely interested in communicating. Her demeanor was polite and friendly. Best of all, she knew how to work the camera, making the blood pump to not just the obvious places. I strongly recommend seeing her.

  • Fifi screenshotoffline
    Fifi from

    Date: 2010-02-21

    Summary: Fifi put on one hot show, and I can imagine that it would have only grown hotter if I had stayed longer. She is one of the websiteís top models because her shows are exceedingly sexy, and she isnít shy about talking dirty. The $5.99/min price is not for everyone, though.

  • GoldCherry screenshotoffline
    GoldCherry from

    Date: 2010-04-20

    Summary: GoldCherry is tease, and she's damn good at it. She will get your blood pumping with mere hip movements. You will be begging to see her fucked by the time she finally removes her panties. She does deliver, her hands moving to her pussy to masturbate while you do. $3.99/min is an excellent price.

  • MoaningMoon screenshotoffline
    MoaningMoon from

    Date: 2010-03-16

    Summary: Viewers will be very pleased with MoaningMoon, whether they just want to talk to one of the websiteís most beautiful models or have some intimate role-play sessions. Her $5.99 per minute price might be a bit too much for some people, though. The sound and video quality were quite amazing.

  • Greta screenshotoffline
    Greta from

    Date: 2010-03-11

    Summary: Greta deserves her $4.99/min fee. She was very funny. The fact that she danced showed she was full of confidence, and thatís sexy on camera. Her body matched her attitude. I really wish I could have seen more of her. The video feed was pretty, and it wasnít even high-definition.

  • Malvina screenshotoffline
    Malvina from

    Date: 2010-06-03

    Summary: Malvina put on a very visually engaging show. Her stripping was heart-pounding and erection-throbbing. Her delivery after getting naked was without hesitation. She even had a big toy to use. The quality of the video feed was excellent. Only sound could improve her overall score. You should watch her show.

  • RebekaRyder screenshotoffline
    RebekaRyder from

    Date: 2010-04-29

    Summary: RebekaRyder is a spicy Latina that knows how to show you a good time. She will remove her clothes and giggle as you compliment her hot body and pretty face. She lacks toys, but can more than make up for their absence with what nature gave her. At $3.99 per minute, you'd be crazy not to see this hot woman finger herself.

  • gorgeousluan screenshotoffline
    gorgeousluan from

    Date: 2010-03-14

    Summary: I really liked gorgeousluanís show, but she could have definitely spent the whole time paying attention to her performance and not talking to someone else online. When she got into what she was doing, the result was mind-blowing. Still, consistent offsite chatting should lower her price from 3.80 credits per minute.

  • Liene screenshotoffline
    Liene from

    Date: 2010-03-08

    Summary: Liene sure does earn her $5.99/min price tag. I really liked her demeanor and her body. I think she could have been quicker showing it off since sheís sitting on such a high minutely rate. Thatís why Porn Factor isnít higher. The video feed was kind of shoddy for high-definition.

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Total 13 reviews