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Private Feeds review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Private Feeds definitely does offer a lot of attractive women. Most are young and in good physical condition, but there are other age ranges as well as a BBW category. Eastern European women make up a majority of the population. Surfers are almost guaranteed to find someone hot. The video quality, while not bad, is not always television quality as promised.

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Graham Stroker, 2010-01-14

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Intro promises

“Find the perfect babe for you”

“The best technology on the internet”

“Privatefeeds features the best in live sex entertainment offered today. The vast selection of beautiful womans and the cutting edge sex show technology will give you the experience of a lifetime. Enter the website to select your web cam and make use of our free sex chat feature.”

- Hundreds of models online
- TV-quality video streams

First impression

The soft coloration of the introductory page didn’t immediately snag attention; it was too easy on the eyes. However, the cover models were attractive and had varying makeup styles and hair colors. They also displayed differing facial expressions. The scrolling thumbnails below the cover photographs were nice, despite their relatively tiny size.


Payment Processors:
MasterCard, Visa, EPOCH/EPOCH.EU, and international checks with a $50.00 minimum.

Our opinion

I had to chuckle at the typo in the website promise regarding its “vast selection of beautiful womans” (emphasis mine). Continuing into the main page, I was greeted by a live feed of one of the currently featured models. Hitting the refresh button cycled rather randomly, and sometimes repetitively, through them. Without signing in, the video feed can be viewed at its default 1x size, and audio, if it’s available, can be heard and adjusted. I’ve had experience with live sites before because my now ex-girlfriend used to be a webcam model. Regardless, I still get very excited about live women on my monitor.

Before signing into the members’ area, I clicked “refresh” a few times to see which face--or pair of breasts--would great me. After skipping on some rather poor video feeds, a couple “I’m on break / I’ll be back soon” signs, and some “[model] is in a private show” notifications, I stumbled across Jackie--or I should say her rather impressive breasts since the camera was zoomed in on them. Being a fan of breasts, especially in black pushup bras, I watched for a little while, my vision also transfixed by the two golden amulets dangling in her impressive cleavage, the pleasant picture framed by her long, golden hair. At one point, she showed her hands. Her fingers were elaborately adorned with gold rings, and her dark nail polish speckled with gold sparkles. As much as I like breasts, I like faces more, so I decided to enter my membership information, instead of joining in on the conversation as a guest.

Signing-in garnered immediate differences, the most noticeable one being the fact that free video streams could be adjusted to larger sizes if such an increase was offered. But the best benefit of logging-in is, of course, the ability to take a model into a private show or participate in a group showing. I looked through the online models, hoping to “find the perfect babe”, and noticing that many of the women were Eastern European. I happen to be quite attracted to women of that ethnicity and nationality. Their nationality also meant that typing fluent English was hardly a requirement for sexy interaction. Politeness isn’t a requirement, either, but it is strongly encouraged. These women are real and human; kindness goes a long way. Being rude and impatient with them is akin to antagonizing customer service employees simply because they cannot respond appropriately--unless they want to get fired. These women will be more than eager to please eager viewers if they use some kindness...and spend some money. It, like sex, makes the world go ‘round.

The internet connection was generally good, but I warn all surfers to avoid Mozilla Firefox like the plague when visiting I like to use Firefox, but unfortunately noticed immediate problems with my preference. A lot of the website, including entire chat rooms, wouldn’t display. Even more annoying was the fact that it didn’t load private rooms, but the timer kept right on ticking, indicating that my funds were slowly diminishing. I had to cancel the private show and felt bad for the model because that’s her job. She lost a customer because the website didn’t explicitly state its incompatibility with Firefox. Fortunately, switching to Internet Explorer remedied the problem, allowing me to fully enjoy the material.

Content quality is only as good as model performance and physical attractiveness, both of which were almost always arousing. Technical quality, though partially a responsibility of the website, depended largely on a model’s webcam. Some streams were awesome. There were even high-definition feeds. Yet, some windows looked horrible. Even some of the HD ones suffered from blurriness or graininess. Therefore, not all of them were on par with television pictures. Not all models had sound, but all private sessions had a user-activated cam-to-cam feature. Upon going into private chat rooms, members can view the feed at 1x, 2x, 4x or Max. I wish that the platform kept track of credits and not just the amount of time remaining. It can be a bit misleading at times.

Models can be found in several ways. Looking at the calendar is effective if surfers have a model in mind. Viewers preferring general criteria can choose from the most common navigation tabs, which are displayed below the main feed. These are Couple, 18-20, Mature, Big Tits, Asian, Latina, Ebony, Blonde, Redhead, Brunette, Tranny, BBW, and Male. Surfers with no real preference can also use the tabs entitled HD, New, and All. There are the group shows as well, where surfers can come together and watch an already progressing performance.


Almost everything is well at Private Feeds. The women are beautiful, the user interface is easily navigable, the model schedules are informative, and there are good quality pictures. The only real downside is the fact that some video cam feeds are rather poor.


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