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Crygasm review

Summary: Crygasm is a surprisingly interesting concept even though naked women crying is definitely not a combo I usually fancy. Hot pornstars masturbate until their emotions overwhelm them and they shed tears. There is currently 37 episodes each with 1080p HD videos and high quality photos. It is unclear how often the site updates. There is however a number of bonus sites included which feature pornstars in hardcore sex scenes that seems to update often.

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Caliente, 2010-03-16

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Intro promises

- Access to all of Emotion Porn's 5 sites - Asian Emotion, Candid Pornstar, Hall of Fame Porn, Latina Emotion and of course Crygasm
- Videos in 1920x1080 High Def
- 311 Porn videos available in total (over the whole network)
- 36 Exclusive Crying Porn Videos featuring crying pornstars
- 123 Hardcore Porn Showcases with full length scenes
- 40 Exclusive Candid Pornstar voyeur videos filmed backstage at porn studios
- 89 Hall Of Fame Porn Videos
- 5 Updates weekly

First impression

Initially, the thought of a crygasm didn't sound too appealing, but I was intrigued as to how the people at Emotion Porn could make such a concept work. Concept aside, a very well laid out and inviting intro page greets you, the girls look hot and there are some big names too - blonde bombshell Eden Adams and petite nymph Rachel Roxxx to name a couple. You can have a very good snoop around before logging in, there are only 3 trailers on the intro page but you can check out the rest of the models who appear at My fascination got the better of me, it looks like a pretty cool site, I just wondered how it all works.


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Our opinion

OK, so their tagline is " - where pornstars come to cry". At this site hot porn babes get themselves off for your pleasure then break down at the end of it due to their intense sexual experience which they deliver in a very passionate, emotional way. Some of the girls are so cute they'll make YOU want to cry, trust me. But so see their lovely faces crumple up, their chins begin to quiver it makes the videos on Crygasm very unique and a pleasant surprise. It didn't take long for the attraction to become obvious.

For a start, this website is very well set up, it's easy to use and uses a simple format. There is actually quite a lot of content on the whole Emotion Porn network. Take a look at Crygasm News, to find out what are the latest goings on in the network. You can check out the latest Crygasm video. On the left of the home page there is a box with text links to the other Emotion Porn sites, which lists them chronologically. It doesn't look too flash but text usually doesn't, however it's an effective way of checking out what's new in the network. Lastly on the home page, below all of the above are big thumbs and blurbs on what's coming up from the Emotion Porn network.

When you've chosen a scene or a model who takes your fancy, you get a nice big picture of the model, the flash window to watch the scene in, should you decide to stream it, easy to decipher buttons for download options as well as ratings and photos. Of course there is the synopsis of the scene which I actually think is quite important as some times you wonder what the hell they're crying about. I guess it would be pertinent to say, most of these girls can't act. They're porn stars, they fuck, so whether or not the tears are real, you will have to decide on your own. But let it be known - their acting performance is not the point, it's the concept - these beautiful sex machines you see caught up in the animalistic throes of passion scene after scene, suddenly revealing a more sensitive side, is genius. You just have to take it with a grain of salt and just enjoy it. Don't worry though, the action is still amazing!

Speaking of action, yes it is hot. The scenes are very well shot, lit beautifully and an absolute pleasure to behold. Streaming was good too, quite fast, buffering only a couple of times but I had other things downloading simultaneously, the quality isn't as good as downloading the high quality or HD format though but that goes without saying. Mason Moore was a stand out for me, the structure of the scene as all alike - undress, tease the camera, lie back and use their fingers then out comes the toy, then the tears! But it's all carried out in such as way that keeps you entertained and doesn't get boring as some solo scenes do. (Bear in mind the other sites in the Emotion Porn network feature hardcore scenes). The HD video is as they say 1920x1080px so true High Def which means awesome quality, high quality gets you 640x428px and low is 320x240px. I have to mention the photos because I've never seen anything like it! Each scene comes with a photo set ranging in numbers but the pics are amazing quality, and I'm not exaggerating. 3888x2592px of crystal clear image featuring some delightful posing. They're seriously massive images and well shot. The photo viewer is also a cool feature on the site, easy to use, can download a .zip file (which due to the size of the pics is quite large too), there's a great slider function to for easy viewing. Note that some of the pictures aren't properly rotated though, so you'll have to tilt your head or rotate them yourself.

On top of all this great quality content, I'd just like to reiterate the ease of navigation. Of course you view the latest updates on the home page but there are also handy drop boxes where you can select a specific Crygasm scene, select a showcase (that's fun in itself, you just go by the appeal of the name) and of course you can select which Emotion Porn site you'd like to visit. There's also the option to browse by thumbs of the models which made me appreciate just how many hotties there are in Crygasm, check out a page of thumbs detailing the showcase sites, Emotion Porn even has erotic fiction and cool feature - comics. It's basically a photospread made up like a comic book with speech bubbles and cartoon like borders and 'sound FX' but a very novel idea. There is also a link to a selection of live cams, but you'll have to pay extra for that.


Crygasm is certainly a unique site that really does deliver some great content. Hot babes getting off for your enjoyment, then showing how much it affected them at the end by becoming all emotional and crying. Whether they deliver a convincing emotional performance is irrelevant, it's high quality entertainment that conjures up a bizarre, but interesting mix of arousal and sentiment, who saw that one coming? The girls are hot, the site is simple and a pleasure to navigate, the bonus sites are not bad...


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