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Gina Lynn review

Summary: Gina Lynn is a blonde pornstar with huge boobs and the focus of this official website of hers. She is featured in 52 videos and 20 picture sets. Videos come in good quality and are ripped directly from some of her DVDs. Contains less content than expected, but includes acces to the Premium Pass Network.

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Mephistopheles, 2008-05-05

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Intro promises

"My videos will leave you speechless. My POV videos put you right in the action! Watch me go crazy with my girlfriends or get nailed by a nice hard cock. All high quality, all hardcore sex, all just for my members viewing pleasure.

Get to know even more about me! This is where I write about my dreams, fantasies, and the day to day wildness that's my life.

My exclusive photo section is loaded with thousands of explicit pictures for you to enjoy. When I shoot I keep that in mind so I'm always pushing the limits - toys, fingers, hard cocks, wet lips. My photos capture every detail - my sweet ass, my big tits, my tight pussy - right on your screen whenever you want it!

See, hear, and talk with me LIVE during my cam shows! I especially like you telling me what to do. Tell me to pinch and pull my nipples and slide my finger in my wet pussy! I get nice and wet when my members take control!"

First impression

Gina Lynn is certainly an extraordinarily beautiful woman. One of those perfect, Barbie-doll-esque blonds; the type of girl adolescent boys spend late nights fantasizing about, and grown men imagine, vividly in their minds, whilst making love to their wives.

You may even recognize her. She was, as her site points out, featured on HBO's "The Sopranos" as an exotic dancer in Tony Soprano's infamous Bada Bing club. Is being the head of a porn site worth your hard-earned money among her impressive array of attributes? That's precisely what I plan on finding out.


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Our opinion

The tour, which was quite impressive, had me going into the member's area with high hopes. You might even say that I was 'pumped'. Hell, it couldn't help it after viewing that dazzling intro video, which included a slew of delightfully raunchy sex acts set amidst the backdrop of heavily distorted metal guitar riffs.

So, I have to admit I was bit surprised (but not disappointed) to find a modest, straight-forward - albeit it somewhat polished looking member's page. Functionality, in my opinion, is a higher priority, however. I see no faults in the member's area's simple design.

Topping the page is a horizontal menu including the basics: Home, Videos, Photo sets, Bonus Sites, Network Updates, Forum, Blog, and a Store. Below you'll find links to the latest blogs as well as information about upcoming, free live cam shows. Further below, there are links -- accompanied by still shots -- of the latest updates from the picture and video sections. And that's about it. A simple but effect design.

Gyna Lynn's site has been in business in since November 2006, and in that time has managed to amass fifty-two videos and twenty picture sets. That's a sub-par amount of updates for a site which has existed two years; however, further examination shows that their update schedule seems to have picked up the pace quite a bit. I maintain high hopes that they'll keep this current pace.

I checked out the videos first; each one is accompanied by eight moderately sized still images, as well as a synopsis and running time. Running times range wildly -- scenes last anywhere from 10 minutes to 30; though, the bulk tend to lean more towards the latter. They can be downloaded in their entirety in either the MPG or WMV format. Also, if the screen caps and synopsis aren't enough for you to make your decision, there's the option of several random, minute-long clips from the video.

I found both the WMV (740x480, 2032kbps) and MPG (480x360, 1042kbps) to both have a high level of visual and audio clarity. The WMV is the real stand-out being far clearer in full-screen mode; though, I'd recommend the MPG, hands down, to anyone with a slow net connection: clocking in at half the size of the WMV files, isn't as far off as one would think from matching them in visual quality. Downloads are fast here, averaging rates of 800KB per second.

A pleasant and unexpected surprise was the range in the site's content. Most of the action tends to lean towards your standard hardcore, but the niches covered are diverse. Everything from interracial to threesomes and bondage. I've spotted several recognizable porn stars in these videos including Nicole Sheridan, among others; hell, Ron Jeremy even shows up in one to get a sloppy blow-job from none other than Gyna Lynn herself.

Note: most of these babes have the look of seasoned porn stars, and for very good reason -- they are. So, if that's not your bag, you'd do best to avoid this site like the plague!

Admittedly, the scenarios are silly and the acting is laughable, but that's to be expected in this genre of porn. Production values seem to be high; impressive camera work with a variety of angles throughout. I applaud them for avoiding the use of any music -- which I usually find distracting -- other than the intros of the vids.

The photo section is noting to write home about. Containing a meager 20 galleries, each averaging 60 images. They're all in the JPEG format and clock in at 320kb with dimension of 600x800 pixels. Photos look to be professionally shot and are slightly above average quality. For added convenience, photo galleries can be downloaded in a single ZIP file.

In addition to the site's original content, you also get access to 11 bonus sites: Ass Fixation, BlowBanged, Cum in the Face, Her First Milf, Housewives Adventures, Jenna Haze, Jules Jordan, Sperm Swallowers, Sybian Solos, Teens First Threesome, Premium Pass.

There's also a highly personalized blog in which Gina reveals quite a few interesting tidbits from her life. This is a nice touch should appeal to her fans greatly.


Lack of content is Gina Lynn's major drawback. Admittedly, there are eleven, solid bonus sites; however, I'm just not sure that's still enough to make this site worth joining. Unless, of course, you're a fan of Mrs. Gina Lynn already. To be fair, they do seem to have picked up the pace in their update schedule.

If they could just up their amount of content, I'd be happy to recommend it. Until then, I don't think her notoriety, good looks, and passion for sucking dick are enough to warrant such a high price of admission.

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