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Alexa Model review

Summary: Alexa Model is a soft-core personal/amateur site. The photos and videos are promised to all be high quality with updates done every 2-3 days.

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J., 2004-11-07

Softcore, 18-23, Movies, Sologirls, Videos


Intro promises

- High quality, downloadable videos
- High quality photos
- Updated every two or three days

First impression

A simple, professional-looking opening page leads into a brief tour and FAQ about our hostess- the exotic Alexa. She's of Spanish-Egyptian origin with real 34Ds and pretty stunning eyes. There's no question as to whether she deserves her own site- she's pretty remarkable. The sample pics are the "covers" from her sets (it seems set up in the same way that lots of the high-end erotic art pages are designed) and are pretty enticing.


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Our opinion

The main members' page has a very attractive and simple layout. A toolbar at the very top navigates you through the rest of the site, and then you get the "covers" of the just over 100 image/video sets on the site. The covers give you only an idea of, at best, what Alexa is wearing in each of the sets. A more "descriptive" thumbnail might be more helpful, but this looks very professional and tidy.

Clicking on a cover (they're listed chronologically, though no exact dates are given) opens up the set page, with a larger version of the cover and links to both the pictures and video of that update. There's descriptions of both the photo set and the video of the update, which is quite helpful in determining if they're something you might be interested in seeing, though not as helpful as a couple of sample images and/or screenshots might be. The descriptions are apparently written by Alexa herself, so you get a little personality out of her too. Clicking on the photo link will open up a page of perfectly-sized thumbnails of the set. They're all on one page, but still load very quickly, and the sets are all downloadable in .zip format which is always a nice feature. Clicking on the video link opens up a page with a bunch of screenshots (smaller than the photo thumbs) and links to download the videos. All in all, the navigation is very clean and simple. No complaints here.

The photo series are all very professional-looking shoots, with nice varied locations and different outfits and whatnot. For the most part, the content remains softcore, but towards the newest stuff there's some solo stuff- with squirting even. I've never seen the evolution of a model's inhibitional collapse, so that's kind of interesting. The photo resolutions come in at about 740x1100 or so, making them completely clear and free of compression defects for the most part. They're not super-duper-extra-hi-res, but unless you want to make a poster out of one of these, they'll do just fine. There are usually around 50 pictures per set, but that's a little deceptive because some photo shoots are spread out over two (or as many as four) updates.

The videos are pretty much always related to the photoshoots but were apparently not shot at the same time (which is good). There are usually 2 sections to a video, split just about down the middle timewise, so the length and filesize is variable. There are two formats (.wmv and DiVX .avi) to choose from, which vary in size and quality. The .wmv version is a nice 640x480 at a bit rate of 1MB so, needless to say, it looks very nice. Blown up to full screen, you get only minimal compression artifacting and pixelization. I'm very impressed here. The .mpg version is smaller (352x256) and has the grainy, soft kind of feel at full screen that a lot of DiVX compressions have. It's not a bad format for the content, since a lot of it is just glamour-type stuff, but when you need the detail, I say go for the .wmv, even at nearly twice the filesize.

There's not much more content on the site- some candid and webcam pics and whatnot, some sample pics and vids from other First Time Video girls and a listing of Alexa's favorite pics of herself. The "About Me" page has some disappointing news: Alexa is taking a break from modelling as of April, 2004. That means no more updates. Now, there's plenty of solid content on here. But I can't envision signing up for anything more than a month if there's nothing else to look forward to in the near future.


Alexa is gorgeous and her content is great (albeit mostly softcore). The navigation and speed of the site are definitely up to par and the site has a lot going for it. However, for the premium price asked, I think you might be better off finding another FTV girl you're interested in. Alexa had a good thing going here, so it's a shame that she's not keeping at it full time.

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