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Silent Views review

Summary: Silent Views is a new site claiming to offer high quality photography featuring beautiful and fresh faces. It lives up to its promises and offers everything it claimed. The photography is very beautiful as are the girls. There are no videos on the site.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Caliente, 2007-10-18

Softcore, Photography / studio, Babes, Amateur


Intro promises

- Most beautiful, authentic and delightful girls
- HiRes 3000x2000 px pictures
- Constantly updated
- Always new models

Thereís no saying ďCheeseĒ as the camera starts clicking for Silent Views, but they are definitely thinking of seduction, because the expressions ring strongly on the faces here. This is one of those sites you open and you can just feel the quality carrying it across the web. Silent Views is offering extremely high promises for the pictures they are offering, there are no download restrictions, no spam, no pop-ups, just max speeds and new girls all of the time experiencing their first ever shoot.

First impression

Itís always amazed me how a person can pick up a camera and capture a shot that will tell an entire story on its own accord. That is what I found looking at the advertising images through this tour area. Itís wild, unrestrictive power of the female gender being exhibited through the images. I have no doubts the quality will be mind blowing from this site.


30 day $24.95 (recurring)
30 day $34.95 (non recurring)
90 day $59.95 (recurring)
90 day $69.95 (non recurring)

Credit Card, Check


Our opinion

Iím happy to say the layout from the tour page that I enjoyed so much is also the one used for the main membership page. It is from this area youíre going to find 29 models, featuring 60 galleries, holding a total of, 3,143 pictures. They do title all of their sets, and Iím not sure Websterís book of adjectives can hold enough to really do this site justice. These sets are available to rate, and from that you can opt for going into the top tier, or just follow your way through as Iím going to do. Their offerings fall under a monthly exhibit, and the advertising link is laid out like a magazine cover, which also, in a round-about way, serves as a model index of sorts. It looks as though updates are done approximately every 3 days.

Alexis was a new vision added, and as she balances on a straight back wooden chair, she starts out clad in a pure white bra and thigh high stockings, but soon, nothing will be left to the imagination. The contrast of her coal black heels is a nice statement, making everything ooze with seduction. These pictures are downloadable as a ZIP, offering a medium (6.6MB) or a large, (12.1MB), and you are also offered a slide show presentation... they seem to have thought of everything to make your stay here enjoyable.

The thumbs themselves are large, and even the most simple back-drops make for a perfect presentation, but they do carry rooms, outdoor shots, etc. that really enhances the entire picture. Clicking a thumbnail will give you an 1800x1200 image while you will have to download the zip file to see the 3000x2000 image. You are definitely going to have an exquisite library of lusciousness if you decide to save these. This particular set holding the flawless body of Alexis holds 30 pictures, but others will go higher in count.

They have covered the vast array of personalities nicely on the site. You have your soft sweetness, your little more powerful girl that could easily slip into a Dominant role, and then there is the out of the ordinary shots from Mercedes that shows her covered in dried mud... but she cleans up nicely! The top voted model at the time of this review is a hot little number by the name of Cathleen. A squirt or two of baby oil has been applied to her over all Ė and with her tan it makes her shine and glisten with allure. Every woman here has the real personality shining brightly through the images, the photographer is a genius in my opinion.

There were no videos for this site, nor were there any extras of any kind, but if youíre a connoisseur of photographs of beauty, this will be enough.


They have taken a specialty here at Silent Views and focused on it, fine, professional photography, giving this softcore site its backbone. I would have liked seeing some videos offered, but at this time there were none. Updates are done as frequently as promised, and the quality pledges more than rang true. The fee might be a bit steep in my opinion, the numbers of content count doesnít quite match up to the monthly fee yet.


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