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Anette Dawn review

Summary: Anette Dawn is a busty blonde featured in a relatively modest number of high quality picture series and videos. Pictures, videos as well as Anette look absolutely great, so the only thing needed is more content.

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Melissa, 2007-06-01

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Intro promises

Everything is coming up daisies on this womanís site, and they all seem to be in pretty pastel shades. Her blonde hair and piercing eyes just begin the journey of juiciness for Anette Dawn. From there you have breasts that will lift nicely in the palm of your hands and nipples that are nearly transparent, you know the type, you just want to suckle on them until you pull more color forward. Her hour-glass shaped waist and delectable looking thighs are the next installment to her arousing look. This is her official site and she promises everything will be exclusive in the form of photos and videos.

First impression

This isnít a teen site and she doesnít promise to be, although she does have a ring or two on her tree trunk she does well them well. It looks like you are going to get a lot of teasing poses, the kind that will make you lick your monitor to get that pair of panties out of your way.


30 days $24.95 (recurring)
90 days $55.95 (recurring)
90 days $75.00 (non-recurring)
180 days $99.00 (non-recurring)

Credit card, Check

CCBill, PayCom

Our opinion

The membership area of this site seems to carry the same softness that the tour held. Pale pink shading will make you feel like this girl has been wrapped in cotton candy. She opens her site and her legs with the bio information that will inform you of her personal stats, but itís what she holds below that will be of most interest to you. Thatís where you access the pictures and videos from, or at least the most recently updated ones, to get your complete list, you need to be sure to utilize the links across the top. Navigation seems to be as easy on the eyes as Anette is.

In opening up the picture section, Iím not finding a lot of material to stroke yourself silly to, I would have thought this site was loaded, but it's not the case. Anette has been active as a model for a while, but her site seems to be a newer web-wonder, the oldest update is from January this year. The folders are presented very nicely, and it looks as though updates vary in timed installments. Some are a few days while others are showing a couple of weeks, which, a site as nice as this is, especially if it is new, should be done often and abundantly.

The thumbs are presented with uniformity and a pretty nice size, and this set happens to start out with some peek-a-boo upskirt action. There are 144 pictures to this set, and they are all posed, no screen captures here, and they do offer the ability to download them as a ZIP file. Scroll on your own or try out the slideshow, but either way you are going to get some amazing quality. The clarity and crispness will make you linger for a while per picture, especially since they open to a nice 854x1280 pixels.

Your count in the video section is even less than the pictures, just 9 choices wonít keep you busy for long. They are on the right track though with what they offer, which means you can download to your hard drive or stream. Everything is broken down into clips, six of them for this particular episode, or, beneath the list, an opportunity for the full length movie, and you have the option of .MOV played in QuickTime or WMV for Windows Media Player.

They must get more material on this site soon because the quality is just overwhelming! Whether you choose MOV or WMV, you couldnít ask for a much nicer presentation. I was greeted with a 2144 Kbps and a 720x404 video size for the 2 minute episodes. The same numbers held fast for the full length play, the only change was the time it played, and that equaled out to nearly 12 minutes.

Iím assuming even more now that this must be a new site, because a couple of the links offered donít have material to them yet, as if they just havenít gotten that far. Youíll be waiting for things under her, ďWish List,Ē and, ďStore.Ē Under the ďBonusĒ tab youíll find wallpapers of this beautiful blonde offered in different sizes.


Anette Dawn is a lovely fair-haired, ivory skinned woman that enjoys sharing her body on the web more than most anything else she does. The tour promises held true, there just isnít much to back them up, and no mention of such a small amount of content being offered. This is a personal site, showing off this one woman and no others. The quality of what you do find here is exceptionally high, through the avenue of pictures and videos they have gone out of their way to give you your moneyís worth, itís just that the amount of material here doesnít match up to that yet. I would put this on my list for future reference.


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