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  • The English Mansion screenshot
    The English Mansion
    Date: 2011-08-01

    Summary: The English Mansion is a great BDSM site full of high quality content and a large size archive. This is due to the fact that there are at least one S&M or fetish update per day. This is definitely a premier extreme bdsm filled with high skilled and sexy Femdoms!

  • Club Stiletto screenshot
    Club Stiletto
    Date: 2013-07-30

    Summary: Club Stiletto is an explicit and sincere fetish site dedicated to females dominating men and women. The library offers real variety, from pony play and foot worship to facesitting and humiliation with strapons and more. The HD videos for newer updates look great, and the collection has everything for a fan of femdom to feast themselves on. Updates are made six times a week on average.

  • Kinky Mistresses screenshot
    Kinky Mistresses
    Date: 2011-11-22

    Summary: If you're looking for a BDSM site revolving solely around Femdom action, then I suggest you check out Kinky Mistresses. Here, you'll find the infamous Lady Natalie Black and her beautiful and sadistic FemDomme friends. They often get together to double team a submissive or two, showing that two Dominatrixes can be quite overwhelming. All of the Mistresses are very skilled as they torture and torment their mostly male slaves. The scenes are shown in videos that are very high in quality. Lately, the site has been updating twice a day with high quality Femdom scenes, with the result being over 120 videos thus far. With easy navigation and Mistresses who know what they're doing and totally enjoy doing it, Kinky Mistresses is a very good femdom paysite.

  • Divine Bitches screenshot
    Divine Bitches
    Date: 2016-08-06

    Summary: These dominant beauties put their male slaves through multiple trials of pain and pleasure. From CBT and floggings to denied orgasms and strap on penetrations, the men show they are try submissives who will do anything for their mistresses. The authentic productions and HD playback set this femdom library on its own level.

  • Femme Fatale Films screenshot
    Femme Fatale Films
    Date: 2011-04-28

    Summary: Kudos to Femme Fatale Films. Their FemDommes are naturally dominating and skillful in front of the camera while submitting their male subs to all kinds of bondage, forced foot licking, strapons and much more. Being relatively new, the site is already quite impressive with their high quality content, daily updates, simple navigation, and a good sized archive already built up.

  • Dom Karin screenshot
    Dom Karin
    Date: 2010-06-21

    Summary: Dom Karin featured well renowned Mistress Karin von Kroft dominating and putting submissive men through all kinds of humiliating acts including ass worship, CBT and orgasm denial. In keeping with her high reputation, she offers good quality videos and fetish photography. Updated weekly, with a large archive and easy navigation, Dom Karin offers an enjoyable experience to bdsm fans.

  • Wasteland screenshot
    Date: 2011-06-06

    Summary: Wasteland is highly recommended for all fans of BDSM. The site offers over a decade's worth of intense BDSM content with today's updates available in HD videos and high res pictures. Whether a veteran or a newbie to the scene, this site offers great content and a whole wealth of resources. In other words, you get educated while you're getting off! Who says learning can't be fun?

  • Handjob Helpers screenshot
    Handjob Helpers
    Date: 2010-03-03

    Summary: Handjob Helpers should be renamed Extremely Cruel Handjob Helpers. CBT fans will be totally enthralled with this site, where German housewives and mature women tease and milk their male subs. Video quality is good for amateur material and there is a nice amount of archives built up. The site is video-only. With its large archive, authentic amateur content of couples genuinely enjoying themselves, it is a great choice for fans of extreme handjobs.

  • UK Mistress screenshot
    UK Mistress
    Date: 2011-10-14

    Summary: While UK Mistress has a lot of content that features Mistress Alexandra tormenting male submissives, upon occasion you'll see her engaging in lesbian domination. Since she's a natural at dominating, she's equally compelling in her lesbian bdsm scenes. While some sites focus solely on lesbian bdsm, if you're a fan of lesbian domination, you definitely will not be disappointed in any of the scenes within UK Mistress.

  • Tickling Handjobs screenshot
    Tickling Handjobs
    Date: 2010-09-23

    Summary: Tickling Handjobs offers you a mix of tickle fetish, dominating amateurs and unique handjobs. The focus is not always exclusively on tickling, but also smothering, humiliation and femdom in general. The videos are pretty good quality for an amateur site and with a new update weekly featuring dominating women having a great time tickling and playing with submissive men, this is a pretty decent deal.

  • Mistress Amber Leigh screenshot
    Mistress Amber Leigh
    Date: 2010-08-18

    Summary: Mistress Amber Leigh is a site focused on this British Mistress and how she plays with her subs. What makes her site stand out is her cheeky and cruel personality. She truly delights in what she does, and you can see it all in her very good quality content. She doesn't have much in the way of archives built up just yet, but I suspect that's because her site is relatively new.

  • FemDom Films screenshot
    FemDom Films
    Date: 2010-11-03

    Summary: FemDom Films features some great BDSM themed videos with sexy and expert Mistresses who enjoy physically tormenting and mind fucking their submissives. The sites needs some work to improve the user experience - like photo galleries, previews of each scene and photos of the mistresses. Content comes in the form of medium quality videos and photo galleries. Especially the photos need some tweaking. But if you can look past these issues, there is some good BDSM content here.

  • Mean Handjobs screenshot
    Mean Handjobs
    Date: 2014-03-19

    Summary: Why do they keep going back for more punishment? These guys are gluttons for the rough treatment these femdom babes give their hard cocks. While they do get stroked, sucked, and made to cum in ropes they'll have to have a high pain tolerance to reach orgasm. These girls kick and knee them in the nuts, threaten to cut their cocks off mid-orgasm, and deny or force them to cum depending on their whim.

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Total 13 reviews