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Our VOD porn site category has little to do with the type or niche of porn and everything to do with how the service works. For a long time the standard was a subscription-based system: you pay X dollars per month for access to a collection, regardless of how often you login and view content. The VOD system arose to serve the needs of those users that didn't need unlimited access, and only wanted to pay for what they actually view and download. VOD stands for Video on Demand, and on the porn sites here it's how you'll view the scenes and DVDs. You most often pre-pay for credit and then use it as you go. This is a great setup, as you are only charged for the time you are actually viewing a scene, not while browsing in search of a good one to watch or those weeks when you are traveling for business and don't even access the site. Some sites will charge by the second, others will charge by the scene. There is a bit of variety when it comes to content delivery as well. Some sites are streaming only, others will let you download and 'rent' a scene or DVD for a number of days or indefinitely. Be sure to read what our review says about how a particular site is set up before you register!

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  • »Hot Movies - Very neatly organized with lots of categories and a wide selection.
  • »Adult Rental - High quality 2 mbps streaming and a wide selection of movies.

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Sitename Main Category Author Date Overall score
Hot Movies VOD Jerry Fritz 2010-02-05
AEBN VOD Joseph 2007-04-06
Xflix VOD Joseph 2007-10-01
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Total 3 reviews