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Wanted List review

Summary: Wanted List is a VOD site that also offers the option of renting actual DVDs sent to your home. You can however choose to view some of their collection online as streaming Flash movies. In total over 4000 titles are available to stream unlimited with a monthly membership. Overall a good site for streaming videos.

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Mephistopheles, 2008-06-09

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Intro promises

"Internet porn fans demand top adult movies for instant download and viewing, and has met that request with Unlimited Access to over 4,000 VOD titles! Put an end to waiting on line for videos at the local smut shop, with our unlimited porn streams."

First impression

Wanted List is an aptly named site. From what I can gather from the tour, it's a Video Rental/VOD site. The tour boasts that members can take advantage of up to 20 thousand titles a month. It seems very reminiscent of sites like Net Flix. Members can put a title on their request list, eventually receive it discreetly packaged in the mail, waiting as long as they want to return them. If renting videos isn't your thing, you can browse their online library of over four thousand streaming movies. Sounds good to me!


Video on Demand membership only
Free - 2 day trial (recurs at 29.95 monhtly)
$24.95 - 1 month unlimited VOD (recurring)
$59.85 - 3 months unlimited VOD (recurring)

Membership WITH physical rental option (unlimited rentals with no due dates)
$17.99 - $42.99 per month depending on number of DVD titles you rent at the time (2-8)

Pay by Credit Card: Visa or Master Card

Our opinion

In addition to their Netflix like service of snail mailing DVDs, they also give you the option of streaming videos on demand: over 4000 of them! This is, in my opinion, an excellent addition to an already good site. What better way to pass the time while you wait for your DVDs than to jerk off to streaming porn? Membership of the VOD site can be purchased separately or in conjunction with the regular mailing service.

And unlike many other VOD sites, these movies load lightning fast in a nifty little embedded flash-player. I was amazed at the ease with which I could skip back and forth without any noticeable delay. The video would continue right on, no matter how far forward or backwards I went, without any buffering issues.

Looking at the VOD member's page, which is quite well-organized, it's obvious this is an award winning site; a very neat, professional, well-organized page. The middle of the page is filled with mish-mash of titles from different niches.

On the left-hand side of the page there's a vertical menu that has 38 niches in total. The list is quite diverse, containing everything from All Girl and Cum Shots to more extreme categories like Midget and Oddities.

Admittedly, some categories contain far more than others. Gonzo, for example, has over 3000 videos while Amateur has 176; however, the amateur section is a virtual treasure trove of porn goodies. That's another thing that differentiates this site: quality.

These aren't your typical, garden variety, formulaic adult videos. Most of these flicks are from studios that still produce hot and edgy material. Speaking of which, DVD's can be organized by title or studio. Speaking of which, there's 113 studios in total. Everything from Digital Playground to Bizarre.

Clicking a cover image takes you to the film's own page, which contains a synopsis and general info. There are three quality options, each catering to different internet connection speeds: High Definition, Medium, and Dial-up.
Unfortunately the films aren't broken down into individual scenes, but most times there is a good amount of preview screen caps for each scene.

After the initial blinding speeds of the first movie, I thought perhaps they had the Dial-Up or Medium option set as default. I was surprised to see that the High Def streams loaded just as quickly. While I wouldn't call this true 'high defintion' or 'DVD quality' it's certainly no slouch either. And, in my opinion, a little quality loss is well worth it when the streams work so well.

I enjoyed one feature quite a bit. It was entitled 'Sucking Me POV,' and contained a man named D-Snoop who is blessed with a very large black penis. The basic premise is him prowling the streets of Miami for hot young poontang. One Cuban girl, in-particular, delivered an awe-inspiring blow job that will stay in my memory for some time to come.

I also spent hours mesmerized by a retro flick entitled "Mother Load." Check it out - if you dare!


Wanted List offers its entire collection of streaming videos for $19.95 a month. That means unlimited on demand access to over 4000 titles. This is a better deal than many other VOD sites considering their sometimes outrageous minute-by-minute charged at some sites.

Considering they add an average of five new titles daily, and have some of the fastest loading videos I've ever seen, you've got one hell of a site. Even if you don't feel like renting the actual physical videos, they give you the option of signing up for the Video On Demand option alone. Highly recommended if you are looking for a good VOD site!

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