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Total 17 reviews
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  • FreeLove22 screenshotoffline
    FreeLove22 from

    Date: 2010-03-01

    Summary: FreeLove22 was loads of fun--hot loads, actually. She emanated sexuality and rampant lust, from her perfect body to her seductive manner of speaking. 1.98 credits per minute is an excellent price for her show. In fact, I think it is a bit too low for such a wonderful performer.

  • KittyInYourLap screenshotoffline
    KittyInYourLap from

    Date: 2010-02-27

    Summary: KittyInYourLap was definitely worth the 3.80 credits/minute price tag. She chatted in an engaging manner, genuinely interested in communicating. Her demeanor was polite and friendly. Best of all, she knew how to work the camera, making the blood pump to not just the obvious places. I strongly recommend seeing her.

  • Fifi screenshotoffline
    Fifi from

    Date: 2010-02-21

    Summary: Fifi put on one hot show, and I can imagine that it would have only grown hotter if I had stayed longer. She is one of the websiteís top models because her shows are exceedingly sexy, and she isnít shy about talking dirty. The $5.99/min price is not for everyone, though.

  • SeeMeSquirt screenshotoffline
    SeeMeSquirt from

    Date: 2010-03-29

    Summary: I wondered at one point why SeeMeSquirt was a cam girl. She didnít seem to be having fun, especially with that big dildo. It looked like it hurt her! Still, she is a trooper and seemed to care about pleasing her viewers. $3.99/min is a fair price for her performance.

  • Barbi screenshotoffline
    Barbi from

    Date: 2012-05-10

    Summary: Barbi was currently at #2 on the list of the top five models. After just one session with her, I understood why. She loves starting her sessions wearing fancy lingerie, which she removes throughout the duration. Then, she shakes her rear and fingers her pussy until her viewers have satisfying orgasms.

  • SexySirenne screenshotoffline
    SexySirenne from

    Date: 2012-05-01

    Summary: The video feed could have been better, and the sound was just too quiet. I had a difficult time hearing her. These things aside, SexySirenne made me really horny. I loved watching her shed her clothing and show off her beautiful body. The visual stimulation increased even more when she bent over doggy-style and started playing with her lovely pussy.

  • Anabel screenshotoffline
    Anabel from

    Date: 2010-06-29

    Summary: Anabel put on a rather hot show. I really enjoyed the stripping. Though she had sound, all I heard was her typing and models talking in the background. This definitely lowers the arousal factor. She doesn't have to moan when her clothes come off, but hearing other models talking in an undecipherable is not very sexy.

  • SexyAss screenshotoffline
    SexyAss from

    Date: 2010-03-30

    Summary: SexyAss was right to the point. The sexual conduct started mere seconds into the private show. That is really what I like to see. It is nice to talk to the models, but when I have multiple reviews to complete, I canít spend five minutes each session just idly talking.

  • CatherineZ24 screenshotoffline
    CatherineZ24 from

    Date: 2010-03-15

    Summary: Viewers who like seeing dildo penetration, both vaginal and anal, will really enjoy CatherineZ24. Before she does any sort of penetration, though, she likes to strip. I donít think there'll be many complaints there. Stripping gets the heart pounding on both ends. 2.80 credits per minute is a fair price.

  • DeepInside screenshotoffline
    DeepInside from

    Date: 2010-02-20

    Summary: DeepInside is an arousing model. She was on the top-ten list of performers at the time I caught her private show. The technical quality was quite nice, too. Her price of $4.99/min means that she is more accessible to viewers low on funds that want to catch a quality model.

  • n01nadia screenshotoffline
    n01nadia from

    Date: 2010-02-19

    Summary: n01nadia will not appeal to everyone. Viewers interested in her chat must like dominant shemales. That is quite a small niche; at least I think it is. If you do manage to fit into this rather limited category, I think that 2.80 credits per minute is not a bad price.

  • Reya screenshotoffline
    Reya from

    Date: 2012-04-02

    Summary: Reya is a beautiful woman with a nice face and rather large breasts. She is fun to talk to, and will teasingly increase the amount of cleavage displayed, but she won't get take off any of her clothing because she claims she is too shy. Maybe you can pull her out of her shell if you talk to her for a while.

  • EvaWeber screenshotoffline
    EvaWeber from

    Date: 2010-08-27

    Summary: Eva is a self-proclaimed "divine gothic goddess". She won't be for everyone, but for those of you with dark tastes, she is a real treat. She might need a little prodding to get her to pay attention, but once she starts, there is no stopping her. She just needs better sound equipment.

  • Hailey screenshotoffline
    Hailey from

    Date: 2010-07-16

    Summary: Hailey put on a great strip show. Her entire body moved sensually as her clothes came off one article at a time. However, she is prone to typing and will suck you into a lengthy conversation if you do not keep your wits about you. She also doesn't utilize her sound, which is also of a low technical quality.

  • Lesley screenshotoffline
    Lesley from

    Date: 2010-07-07

    Summary: Her show took a bit to get started. Once she did begin, it took her several tries to get the angles right every time she switched positions. While the show was decent, her refusal to use sound to do anything other than moan (even though she had no qualms about talking to other models in the room) negatively impacted her score.

  • Vivian screenshotoffline
    Vivian from

    Date: 2012-05-16

    Summary: Vivian is not a woman you want to spend your time with if you are just looking for a quick strip. She wants an in-depth member-to-model relationship before she will do anything sexual. If you have the money to get to know her, I suggest you give her a chance.

  • TekilaBOOM69 screenshotoffline
    TekilaBOOM69 from

    Date: 2010-03-05

    Summary: I wouldnít bother trying to coax TekilaBOOM69 into doing anything. She refused to for me, even kicking me out of her room at one point! That is extremely unprofessional, and I donít think she should be a webcam model. Sheís not even good to talk to because she types so slowly.

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Total 17 reviews