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Morphismo review

Summary: Morphismo focuses on fantasy through and through, photoshopping giant cocks onto super ripped men who would tear your ass apart if they got those monster cocks inside of it. This is one of the more unique sites I've come across, a combination of real life and fantasy that will do it for you if you want to see giant morphed dicks, and you want to stay away from gay toon sites.

Score 70.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2011-01-17

Fetish, Hunks-and-Muscle, Amateur

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Intro promises

Dedicated to the art of morphing big, beefy men into even bigger and sexier version of themselves.
Updated with 30 photos per month

First impression

Unlike many big gay dick sites, Morphismo isn't beating around the bush. They use photoshop to achieve some really wild fantasy images of bulky, beefy men. These photos, known as morphs, are created personally by the webmaster who certainly seems to enjoy the maxim bigger is better.

The member's area at Morphismo is about as simple as you can get without just slapping links on a page. You have a quick introduction reiterating the information from the tour, then the monthly issue listings running down the main page. You can swap between English and French versions of the site, just in case you're more comfortable reading everything en francais.


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Our opinion

Morphismo is one of those gay sites that are quite different from pretty much anything else out there. While many big dick sites do make ample use of photoshop along with other ways to make their men look bigger, this is probably the first site that really takes the fantasy approach to it. All of these guys are almost impossibly muscled, and their cocks certainly do fall under the coke bottle size category.

You navigate through the site by clicking a particular month to go through all the photo offerings for that month. As promised you get 30 photos to go through for each and every month, and this site has been going since 2008. The photos don't have real galleries or anything, since they're just a single photo in each set.

The majority of photoshops look good, and since this is a fantasy site I compare this more to a gay cartoon site than anything else. Some of the dick 'shops look really bad, though, and sometimes look copy and pasted at an angle that just doesn't work with the man or photo, along with a few other problems. Generally you're getting many different naked bodybuilder poses, in a ton of different locations.

You have a reason to want to click through each and every one of these photos, since you get to see many different men and monster cocks throughout. The photo resolution averages to be about 900x800, but varies throughout the collection.


It's hard to say whether Morphismo is going to appeal to you, simply because it's a very unique site concept and execution. Compared to other gay porn sites, the collection is pretty small and photo only, but if you have big dick fantasies and you want to satisfy them with real men instead of toons, this is the perfect offering for you.


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