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First Auditions review

Summary: First Auditions is not like any other first time audition site you might have seen. Instead of gay auditions, these guys lure in straight men who think they're coming in for pornstar auditions. Instead they are stripped, poked, prodded, and in some cases fucked by the guys tricking them. There are a few video quality issues that need to be taken care of, but other than that this is an excellent adventure with a great twist.

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Tiffany, 2009-09-12


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First impression

First Auditions is a site concept that many of us have dreamed about. You get cute straight guys that are craving to get into porn, and trick them into thinking they're up for an audition. However, they first have to go through a thorough examination that gets them into the hands of these manipulative guys that exploit them for all they are worth.

The main member's area of First Auditions has a very amateur feel, but that works given this unique twist on audition porn. There are a few different sections running across the top, and underneath that you have some of the latest amateurs that have gotten tricked into an audition. The guys range all over the map, coming from around the world and across many different age groups. They are most definitely real first timers, and they also have no idea what's going to happen.


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Our opinion

First Auditions gives me plenty of good vibes right off the bat, and there are a few different ways to get around this collection. First let me talk about collection size. With updates every two to three days for the entire lifespan of the site, we are looking at a pretty massive collection size. Each amateur has a few different videos with his set, depicting various aspects of the audition. This means that the number of videos per amateur does vary a bit, but like the tour claims they are well over the 2,000 mark. Typical sets have an interview section, then after that it can vary. There's stripping, there's probing, there's uncomfortable caressing and insertion, and for some guys they go all the way for their audition. Those types of sets are put into the Groping Hands section, which is a nice touch.

There are a few different ways to navigate around the myriad of sets that are offered. The first two are both all men links, with the difference being whether you'd like big pictures or small. The guys are listed with their names, occupation, age, and heights, as well as their country. It's pretty interesting to see just how many nationalities they are showing off here. If you're interested in searching by that attribute, just go over to the small image section and they are all divided up into countries.

The episode pages are short and to the point. There's a quick description, and a sidebar with the different parts of the audition that they performed. When you click through to a section, you get a small (about 25 photo) photo set along with two links to the videos, a high and low quality WMV link. The high is shown at 640x480 and 800 kbps, while the low is 480x280 and 275 kbps. The videos range in size from 2 minutes to 6 minutes long per section. That's not an incredibly long time per video, but with the way the auditions are structured it does end up feeling right. The video quality could have been a higher, even with them pushing the amateur feeling. Some of the latest videos have lower bitrates than older ones (I found a few with 567 kbps compared to a 800 kbps video from a 2005 set). You might not think about bitrates all that often, but it was an odd move and you do tend to see a bit of a difference.

Now on to the photos. Unlike what you might think, these are actual photo sets instead of screencaps. They are fairly large at 1200x675 and are a bit above average quality. They probably would have been better if they had been a bit smaller the detail seems to be a bit blurry at this size. These are basic photo galleries and do not offer a zip download or a slideshow.


First Auditions could use a bit of a quality upgrade on their videos, but when it comes to the content itself it is top notch. This is very well done amateur straight guy porn, and they really enjoy showing off just how uncomfortable they made these guys while exploiting their porn ambitions.


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