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Celebrity Spanker review

Summary: Celebrity Spanker is a massive archive of real and fake celeb pictures, candid shots, sex tapes, sexy scenes from movies and other spicy material. The site basically scavenges from all sources and puts it together in their big library. They could use better organization but there's not refuting that their site is one of the bigger ones and definitely worth a closer look.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-12-01

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Intro promises

- "Celebs' dirtiest performances on and off camera for your spanking pleasure!"
- Stars from around the world (Hollywood, Bollywood, Asia, etc.)
- Real and fake pictures/videos.
- Hi-Quality sex tapes & photos.
- No restrictions/limits.
- Free access to 9 other celebrity porn sites.

First impression

I was wondering how they found enough clips and pictures of celebs having their bottoms tanned, but it turns out that the viewers do all the 'spanking' -- Celebrity Spanker just provides you with the celeb smut you're after to fuel your home masturbation needs.

The site looks very similar to many others in the niche and makes similar promises. It looks like they include fake as well as real pictures, and aren't above taking the lowest of quality paparazzi pics. If it's a large amount of celeb content you're after, you'll apparently find it here.

I signed up and logged in to see just what sort of quality is delivered to paying members. Read on for a full report.


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Our opinion

Celebrity Spanker is a new celebrity site in 2010, part of a larger network of similar sites on the Gossip Members network. Those 9-bonus sites promised on the tour all part of that same network, as it turns out (and yes you have access to them). The library is massive for such a new site, but with closer inspection it's not so amazing after all: a lot of this content was taken from other sites on the network that have been running longer.

In any event they have managed to pool a large mass of material for celeb fans, and you will find an exhaustingly long list of celebs, infamous as well as lesser known models or stars from other countries. I saw plenty of the usual Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears clips and pictures as well as a good showing of sexy British Glamour models, like the perfectly sumptuous Emma Glover, whose breasts are about as perfect as possible, outdoing even my own imagination.

The material is taken from everywhere and anywhere. There are the paparazzi picks: stars on holiday, swimming in bikinis, rinsing off on the deck of the yacht (in a white t-shirt), uncrossing their legs to get out of the back of a limo and giving a shot of their panties (or lack thereof), etc. You also have a good number of pics and clips from varied publications. They borrow the hot sex scenes from movies and shows, they also have pics from glamour magazine shoots. I saw one clip of Holly Madison of The Girls Next Door in a behind the scenes shoot, showing off her big tits and hanging on set. The third type of content you'll find are real sex tapes, those homemade blow jobs in hot tubs, hardcore sex in bed rooms. Paris Hilton among others are inside. The final type of content is the faked material, usually labeled "fantasy" in the description.

Content quality is in constant flux. Picture galleries tend to have just a few images each (almost always less than a dozen). The quality and size of the images depends entirely on where they come from. The shots from magazine spreads look awesome, and can be gigantic. The candid pics and paparazzi shots are usually smaller and not as crisp. It's really all over the board. Sets can be looked through online or you can download them in zip files. There are thousands of galleries.

There are also thousands of movies. Like the galleries the size and quality varies. They are all available in Flash video formats that can be streamed online or downloaded in FLV files. The quality and size of the video changes but usually the best is 640x360 pixels and around a 700 Kbit bit rate. Some are hard to see the quality is so poor, especially on some homemade smut clips. There are fewer movies than galleries, but they still number in the thousands.

None of this content is exclusive. It can be found on just about any other celeb site or combination of celebrity sites. The one thing the site can say is that it does have a rather massive collection, and a lot of real celebrity nudity and sex to offer when compared to some other sites in the niche.

That large library is somewhat handicapped by the site's poor organization and lack of tools. I just don't think that the software they use to power their members area is a good choice. It's hard to look up specific models or types of action/pics. They would be better off organizing things into sections like Film Clips, Sex Tapes, Candid Pictures, Nude Pictures, Wardrobe Malfunctions, etc. Instead all the material is just thrown together, and it can get tiring looking through the pages and pages of thumbnails.

The 9 bonus sites are a nice touch, but a lot of their content is already part of the Celebrity Spank library, and so won't be new to you. The sites that you have access to include Dirty Teen Celebrities, Fake Fantasy, Homemade Celebrity Porn, Paparazzi Stalkers, and Reality Star Scandals to name just a few.


Celebrity Spanker definitely has merit and if you've never joined a celebrity porn site before then it will be even more attractive. That being said, the content quality is pretty average, even for this type of site, and the site is quite messy to pick through. Still, fans of celebs could do much worse, and I think Celebrity Spanker is worthwhile in the end.


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