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Reality Star Scandals review

Summary: Reality Star Scandals shows nude or revealing photo and video of stars from celebrity shows and reality series. It includes a lot of nudity from both glamour shoots and candid paparazzi shots of wardrobe malfunctions and beach trips. The material varied a lot in quality from low to average. But they have a lot of celebs here to show us even numerous explicit sex tapes. The content is good overall, and with another 8 celebrity network sites included I think it's a solid pick for fans of celebrity porn.

Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-09-16

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Intro promises

- Only Reality TV stars
- High quality sex tapes & paparazzi photos
- Unlimited downloads
- Daily content updates
- Free access to (7) network sites

First impression

Reality Star Scandals showcases a lot of teasing content for us right on their tour page, including some busty topless shots of Kendra Wilkinson of Girls Nextdoor fame. There are shots of a good many reality TV celebs topless or nearly nude, with promises of lots more of the same. The shows some of the stars come from are pretty popular, like the Big Brother series from around the globe, Keeping Up With The Kardashians The Real Housewives of New Jersey and Britain's Next Top Model to name just a few. We are promised illicit sex tapes as well as risque photos and nude paparazzi snap shots inside.

The collection looks pretty good, and reality stars are among those we most want to see naked, as so often in the course of a season we'll come close to seeing T&A from these popular divas, only to have it censored. Now you can indulge freely! I signed up and logged in to see just how Reality Star Scandals faired.


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Our opinion

I can confirm right away that you do have access to those (7) network sites, as when I logged in I started on the network homepage. All I needed to do was click on the Reality Star Scandals logo to go to the slice of the members area dedicated just to their content. I headed there first to check out the nude celebrity movies and pics they had. More on the bonuses though at the end.

Once I was in the thick of the Reality Star Scandals material I was able to page through thumbnails of results. These were named pretty well, with the star's name as well as if it's a video or gallery or both, and how many pictures or minutes the material offered. Right away I ran across some very hot and sexy girls. The most recent update when i visited were photos of an 18-year-old Kendra Wilkinson showing off her big fake tits, probably trying to get into Playboy or some other magazine at the time. Elle Navarro had some topless shots and sexy pictorials bending over a hot BMW with her cleavage hanging out and her ass all but uncovered. Paris Hilton pops up several times through out, as well as models and actresses like Nikki Schieler Ziering, Sophie Monk, Jennifer Clark, Katie Price and Brooke Burke. Several of the Kardashian girls are on here as well.

If there isn't explicit nudity, then the movie or pictures will show see-through, side boobs or wardrobe malfunctions that come precipitously near full-nudity. Most of the content does have these stars nude though, most commonly topless. I would say a majority of the pictures are from glamour shoots where the nudity is part of it, not a mishap. There were a good many wardrobe malfunctions and paparazzi nudes, too.

Another type of content you'll not doubt enjoy are the many sex tapes. Some will require imagination, like the Czech Big Brother episode that has a hot girl and guy getting it on in the sauna, exchanging oral sex. They put a towel over their heads while they do it though, so you don't see nudity. It lasts 21 minutes for them to make out and pleasure one another. There are clips from sex tapes on here as well as some behind-the-scenes footage at models' photo shoots. There is explicit sex in a few movies, like Ida Nerina's sex tape, but mostly it's boobies here.

Each movie comes in a single Flash video format. This can be streamed online or downloaded in FLV file format. The running times will vary from a few minutes to over 20, with most being shorter. The resolution for these videos is in many cases tiny, about 320x240 pixels, some will look better and have 600x336 resolutions. The quality is average at best in all but few exceptions.

The galleries are really varied on the other hand. There were a few sets with outright glamour shots. I found some images as large as 4720x3543 pixels and yes these were super high resolution! Most are smaller and around 800x533 pixels, though I found sets of all sizes: 650x450, 632x472, etc. Generally images look good but only some are high-res. You can browse through galleries online or download pictures manually, or galleries in a zip file. Sets vary in size but most have around a dozen pics.

As for the bonus network I mentioned at the beginning of my review, they are all part of the Gossip Members network. There were 8 sites in total: Dirty Teen Celebrities, Fake Fantasy, Homemade Celebrity Porn, Celebrity Spanker, Oriental Celebs, Paparazzi Stalkers, Famous MILF and Sexy Male Celebrities. They have more of the same sort of content, according to their style/niche (MILF, teen, etc). They make a good pairing with the main site we came in here for.


What I liked most about Reality Star Scandals was that they don't have fake content, but lots of real pictures and movies of real stars semi-nude, nude and even having sex. The quality was varied and the movies really could have been a lot better but I think the package as a whole was still a very good one with well done content and a lot of it to browse in. With the bonus sites offering more celeb porn, this is a pretty good pick in the end.


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