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Ghetto Nasty review

Summary: Ghetto Nasty is a hard-core site centering around ebony butts. With 75+ galleries of hard-core and soft-core images, videos and a live cam link.

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Score 50.0 /100
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AdultMonkey, 2002-04-18

Ebony, Butts, Hardcore


Intro promises

Listen, any site that features a crack pipe as its logo deserves special attention. With that in mind I asked my ghetto friend T-bird to help out. "Hey T-bird, they gotta crack pipe in the logo". "Man, what you say waffelman? you got some crack for me?" Oh shit... anyway, the site promises 'nasty ghetto booty' and slutty ass latinos (think they mean girls? LATINA). The site also boasts of 500,000 images 1000's of 'screaming' videos, plus chat of course. "Hey T-bird, think the chat is in e-bonics?" "Fuck you waffelman!!" let's get our switchblade out, head to the ghetto and take a look. Oh yeah, beware of pop-ups. T-bird says: "I bust a cap in the ass of a pop-up"

First impression

When you enter the ghetto the first thing you do - besides lock your car door - is observe. As my gut told me the content may be vast but it is not all on subject. the entire site scrolls top to bottom so navigation is just about mediocre. The site lives up to its promises in having some content of ebony and brown skin females, - however, much to T-birds dismay - there were no hubcaps for sale.


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Our opinion

Ah, it's not bad I guess. Look, none of the ho's belong to these pimps. All the content is brought in from outside sources. The bright side is that I figure you've got about 75 galleries of good quality ebony pics and about the same in latina. There's also a decent asian gallery as well as your generally un-ghetto white women. Pics are both hardcore and soft-core and the entire 'ghetto content' dominates the top of the members area. Now the videos are something different. Some are viewed via real player - which I personally don't like. The content is decent though with some hard ass fuckin'.

They have one live cam link to a house in brazil - whether its a ghetto house or not, I couldn't tell you. Now here's the plus to the videos. They feature some great quality work from the good people at channel 69 video. Hands down, they are probably the best at producing porn that features women from lower-class standings. "Lower-class standings? What 'da hell does that mean waffelman". "It means they're broke ass ghetto booty

Byatch seriously, they feature the latin fever line, that happens to be just sensational, as well as latin mature and ponchita gorditas (fat chicks). The rest of the site is basically run of the mill additions you see anywhere, and of course you're better off ditching the chat and heading down to go play some basketball.


It's a tough call, but I'd have to say that you're always better off out of the ghetto then in one. If the content were truly from the hood - meaning more amatures - then it would be different. But that isn't the case. Quite frankly, these women are all models and not one photo or video takes place in a run-down apartment on a pee stained bed. Although I must say I think I saw a pick of T-birds momma. T-bird says: "waffelman is a punk ass mo' fo'" arguably, one could join the channel 69 website and get more bang for the buck.

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