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MP Fetish review

Summary: MP Fetish is a new site offering BDSM fetish video scenes and pictures. There is so far 23 scenes available which all come in good quality and feature women in different ages. There is a lot of focus on bondage and forced masturbation. A small, but decent BDSM site.

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Score 70.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-01-09

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ball gags, bdsm, bondage, flogging, forced orgasms, spanking, tit torture

Intro promises

- 20 women
- Around 70 video clips to watch instantly
- Over 20 downloadable movies
- Over 500 photographs
- Around 90 wallpapers
- Exclusive content

First impression

MP Fetish bills its site as: "Average girls in not so average situations." Indeed! It's not often you find what appears to be the average woman on the street all tied up, teased, and tormented. The tour pages of MP Fetish show good quality content and not the same ol' faces that you usually see on porn and bdsm sites. Even though this site is new, if the tour promises are continually delivered within the site, MP Fetish shows a lot of promise.


$9.95/2 day trial, recurs at $19.95 a month
$19.95/30 days, recurring
$69.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards, online check, and 900 billing through CCBill

Our opinion

The menu is the same as it is on the tour. Once inside, I thought there'd be the usual division of photos and videos. Instead, the episodes are laid out the members' page in 100x150 thumbnails and short description. The thumbnails are cropped and just the right size to see if you'd be interested in the submissive woman and the action that's going on. (One of my pet peeves is having thumbnails that are so tiny or poorly cropped that you can't tell what the episode is about or what the woman looks like. Not so with these thumbnails).

Each of the over 20 episodes contains clips, photos, and 4 wallpapers. When you click on an episode, it will give a fuller description and also let you know what kind of bdsm play and the amount of nudity that's involved in the scene. Videos download in the full movie (720x480) or iPhone (320x240) in zip files. You can also stream the movie in clips. The visual quality is pretty good, and so is the sound. Videos are between 10 to 20 minutes in length.

To see the photos, you need to scroll below the streaming screen to see them. They open to 1200x1800 pixels and are generally very good quality. (Every now and then you'll find a blurry picture, but it's not that often). Unfortunately, they're not zip downloadable. There's no set amount to how many pictures are in each gallery. They range from under 10 photos to around 90. The average is probably between 20 to 25. The wallpaper pictures open to 1024x768 and are very good quality as well. Bear in mind that a lot of these photos do not have nudity.

The episodes contain "girls next door" tied up in various poses and having to endure spanking, flogging, ball gagging, pinching, tit torture, dildos, vibrators, cock sucking, forced orgasms, and more. And by "girl next door," I don't mean that all of these women are from the barely legal crowd. Many of them look like the housewives next door, so there's a good range of ages in here. Most of these women you've probably not seen before, so that's a definite plus that makes this site stand out. A couple of the women you've probably seen before, most notably hot MILF Rachel Steele and well known bdsm submissive Sarah Jane Ceylon. Almost all of the scenes have a female as the submissive, although there is one episode that has a woman dominating a submissive male.

The videos usually start out with the woman tied up, either standing or on a table. She's then manhandled by her dominant, who pokes and prods her all over. Spanking and tit torture usually follows. These women seem to genuinely be turned on by such bdsm play, and soon their dominants are getting out the vibrators or dildos and fucking them. Some of the women are told not to cum until they get permission, which makes for some tension.

When they do cum, they cum hard. The orgasms seem very real, with many of the women convulsing, with chests flushing and thighs quivering. Sometimes they want more orgasms, as is evidenced by Rachel Steele's episode. She has a few orgasms and then when her dominant leaves, she starts playing with herself. Some of the videos end with a short (i.e., one minute) followup with the submissive and what she thought of her experience.

MP Fetish is new, so they don't have much built up in the way of archives. I don't know how often they update, since the dates of uploading aren't noted. If they update regularly and continue to build up a good sized archive, this site will be quite delightful for the bdsm crowd. There's a definite blurring between bdsm and fetish here, and maybe I'm just stuck on semantics. To me, fetish is latex, shoes, stockings, corsets, balloons, smoking, etc., and the emphasis of this site is on bdsm, not fetish. Therefore, I'd like to see them concentrate - as the name of their site implies - on more of the fetish. True, some of these women are in corsets, but they're being tied up and the fetish crowd doesn't necessarily like bdsm tied in (pardon the pun) with their fetish.


MP Fetish is a good bdsm site, but there's not much in the way of fetish (non-bdsm) content. The site is new, so there's very little content inside; however, the content that is available is of good quality. Each episode contains a video, photo gallery, and a few wallpapers. (The latter is certainly a unique and nice touch). The navigation is simple and the same as what's on the tour. I think if MP Fetish continues to update regularly and gets a good sized archive built up, it'll be a good bdsm site to join. I do hope they offer more fetish content - as their name implies.

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