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Pure Sammie Rhodes review

Summary: Pure Sammie Rhodes contains lesbian sex scenes starring Sammie Rhodes and one or more pornstars. The site consists of a plugin with 16 episodes which can be streamed or downloaded, but are not exclusive to this site. The action is alright, but it's hard to see why you should join the site unless you are a hardcore Sammie Rhodes fan and just want to make sure you have seen all her content.

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Score 55.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-03-24

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Intro promises

- 20 network updates per week
- Free live chat
- Downloadable videos (high and low bandwidth) and photo galleries
- Unique content with a "reality twist"
- Member directed episodes
- User friendly interface
- Around 20 bonus sites

First impression

Certainly looking at the tour page of Pure Sammie Rhodes leaves little doubt what this site is all about: lesbian sex. Sammie is apparently a horny lesbian who delights in seducing "innocent" girls, but by the looks of the so-called innocents on the tour, I have my doubts as to amateur innocents because many of these "innocents" are well known porn stars.


$1.95/3 day trial, recurs at $39.95 for 30 days
$9.95/7 day trial, recurs at $29.95 for 30 days
$29.95/30 days, recurring
$60.95/90 days, non-recurring

Credit cards, online check, and pay by phone through Epoch

Our opinion

Navigation isn't straight forward, so you have to hunt to find the videos inside Pure Sammie Rhodes. Menu items along the top are for the network and includes Reality Sites, Bonus Content, Bonus Network, and a tutorial on how it all works. Personally, I think paysites should be simple enough to navigate without having to read a tutorial. Additionally, along the side are menu links to all the bonus content you get with your membership. To view the Sammie Rhodes content, scroll down a bit and you'll see a link where you can view all the episodes.

Unfortunately, there are only 16 videos inside Pure Sammie Rhodes; what a disappointment. I can't say this is because the site is new since some of the videos have an upload date in 2006. Another disappointment is not knowing when the last video was updated unless I look at each video to find out the date. That's because even though I chose to view the videos via latest updates, the dates aren't chronological. I didn't see any videos uploaded in 2009, so this site obviously isn't regularly updated.

It also becomes obvious that all the content is from a plugin feed which means it is not produced by this site nor exclusive to this site - another disappointment.

The videos can be streamed in clips or full length through Flash or WMV format. You can download in clips and full scene through WMV, Broadband, DSL, dialup, T1, and HD. The HD plays in the odd resolution of 1068x600 at 5.25 mbps. T1 and Broadband both play in 852x480 but while T1 has a bit rate of 2.47 Mbps broadband is 1.47 mps. I saw some videos that were very good quality, while others were mediocre. The videos are good sized, being at least 20 minutes in length.

Each video episode has a photo gallery to go along with it. The pictures open to varying sizes, such as 800x533 and 980x800 pixels. From the galleries I viewed, there are at least 150 pictures in each set, and they are zip downloadable. The quality runs from decent to pretty good.

Sammie Rhodes has a lot of hot lesbian scenes with fellow porn stars, such as Ashley Roberts, Penny Flame, Jessica Lynn, Crissy Moon, etc. With that in mind, I'm not sure where all these so-called innocent girls are that Sammie Rhodes seduces, as mentioned on the tour. Also, the story lines aren't very plausible. Would you believe that a veterinarian wearing an extremely short blue jeans skirt (with her panties showing) and a stomach revealing shirt with her bra peeking out, would make house calls? (And would even dress like that)? She also apparently wouldn't mind that a video camera is trained on her and when Sammie starts taking off the vet's top and sucking on her breasts, the vet just goes along for the ride? Uh, no.

Now, if you can discount what is said on the tour about these being real amateur innocents getting all of a sudden turned on and seduced by lesbianism, then you might enjoy the content inside this site (as little as it is). Generally, the acting is pretty good, particularly Ashley Roberts. She certainly did a stellar performance in acting totally shy and innocent. Ironically enough, these so-called innocents lick pussy better than the lesbian expert on the prowl, Sammie Rhodes. But a lot of the content's quality leaves a lot to be desired, and it's been quite some time since this site was updated.


With the plethora of good quality lesbian paysites on the internet that are regularly updated, I don't see why your first choice would be Pure Sammie Rhodes. Perhaps if you're a Sammie Rhodes fan you might like this site, but bear in mind there isn't much in the way of content. There are under 20 episodes (uploaded since 2006), and the site isn't regularly updated. The navigation isn't what I would call user friendly either. If you want a quality lesbian sex site that has regular updates, then pass this site up.

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