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Girls Get Crazy review

Summary: Girls Get Crazy is an amateur video teen site carrying video streams and images in high and low quality.

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Score 50.0 /100
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Jack Daniel, 2001-11-28

Videos, Amateur, 18-23, Movies


Intro promises

You've Seen them on T.V.!
Shocking sexy acts caught in public
Video streams right to your ocmputer
Drunk naked college girls!
All new spring break footage!

First impression

The layout is a bit messy and seems crowded, but since there is text on everything, finding your way around isn't too hard. The sample pics are a bit low quality, and one of them isn't even naked. The girls seem crazy, though, and the page apparently gets updated often.


90 days: 69.95$
30 days: 39.95$
7 days: 9.95$
3 days: 4.95$

They accept credit cards, online checks, by phone and per minute.

Our opinion

A quick browse through the categories reveals all content to be third-party, but since all the featured sites are easy to use, it never really becomes a problem. When you click on their menu you are presented with a list of the sites they are currently linking to. Their pictures at first seem to follow the general theme of real girls getting naked in public places, but it also contains studio material. The first variety contains a lot of flashing but little action.

Girslgetcrazy feature a lot of videos as well, and these have the general theme of voyeurism too, although some are obviously staged. The quality varies widely from page to page, but even with low bandwidth you should be able to find something satisfactory.

Apart from the visual content, there are also sections devoted to E-zines and erotic stories, a lot of which are actually rather entertaining. To top it all off, there is the possibility of shopping for both books on how to get success with the opposite sex and sex toys, a casino, a dating service and phonesex commercials.

You are always getting redirected to new sites, and this becomes a little annoying at length, even though it is always pretty easy to see how to get to the content. It is more the fact that you have to get used to a new layout all the time that makes it difficult to relax.

There is a huge amount of different material, and some of it is very low quality, just as some of it is very high quality. The real voyeurism tends to be at the low end of the scale, because it is recorded under, well... less than optimal circumstances.


Girls Get Crazy indeed does have a lot of different pictures and movies, but the constant changing of the layout tends to get a bit annoying. On the other hand, some might find the variation nice.

The general theme is voyeurism, and girls spontaneously strutting their stuff in public, so if this is what you're looking for, you will certainly be able to find it here.

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Total average: 74.3/100 Our score: 50.0/100

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