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Andrew Blake review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Andrew Blake has earned himself a place in the AVN Hall of Fame for his original and edgy work in erotica. The style is a blend of influences and styles - glamour, fetish, grunge, high brow art with low brow explicitness. The combination is hot and aesthetically unique and pleasing. You'll find a mix of nude art, lesbian sex and hardcore mixed in but unfortunately the quality of the video streams is not at the same level as the content itself.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2015-12-01

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Intro promises

"The award-winning erotica artist"

- High definition
- World premiers for his erotic films

First impression

For those who don't know, Andrew Blake is an award-winning erotic filmmaker and here you'll get to explore his body of work which is at once glamorous, kitsch, and explicit while being refined, artistic and sensual. Beautiful models pose nude in interesting places, make love to other beautiful women and even have hardcore and group sex on camera. With a cast of beautiful European models like Aria Giovanni and popular porn star beauties like Tori Black there's a lot to be excited about.


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Our opinion

There are surely too few original voices in porn and erotica but Andrew Blake has one. His vision is stamped on every film clip and picture, where you'll see the interesting and arousing play between the highbrow and lowbrow, of kitschy glamour and sophisticated art, all starring some of the world's most stunning beauties.

Mr. Blake doesn't limit himself to a specific type of content. Instead he explores whatever turns him on and sparks his creative juices. As a result his body of work takes you everywhere, both in terms of real world locations and in erotic content and themes.

In one clip, you'll be in a grungy NYC apartment with two beautiful, slender girls. They are half naked, their hair teased up and wild, their makeup harsh and a little bizarre as they pose in high contrast photos, touching each other's natural breasts, sliding fingers into each other's wet folds.

In another you may find yourself in the south of France, on a countryside farm, with a beautiful French girl modeling her smooth, fit legs in the slant of morning sunlight.

Dig deeper and you'll find your way into BDSM dungeons, gorgeous nude women tied up and suspended from complicated tackles and rigging. You'll find stunning porn stars like Faye Reagan and Tori Black. You'll see lesbian group sex, hard, explicit penetrations.

The 736 movie clips tend towards solo girl and lesbian themes more than the others, and you'll be left with no doubt that Mr. Blake has a special love for Aria Giovanni, one of the most beautiful women (and one of the most perfect sets of natural breasts) in all of erotica and adult entertainment. But no matter who stars or how explicit the content gets, there's always an interesting artistic dynamic to the film and how it has been produced.

I called these movies clips because that is what they are. They run around five-minutes long on average and come from the various films Mr. Blake has produced. He does not share full length films but rather samples these clips from them, as well as sharing BTS content.

None of the movie clips can be downloaded. Instead, Mr. Blake intends for you to stream them using his HD Flash player, built right into the members area page. Likewise, the 249 galleries are meant to be enjoyed online - there are no Zip file downloads.

Andrew Blake does not come with any real extras. There is a boutique store where you can buy lingerie and sex toys, a DVD store where you can purchase his full length films and other works, and a forthcoming VOD section - for now we have no details on how the VOD end of the site will work.

Mr. Blake adds new clips every 2-3 days, though, to keep your subscription interesting and exciting.


There's no questioning the quality of the work here or the beauty of the girls. But I was a little disappointed to find all of the movies were just clips and that his full length films were not offered. Also, the lack of downloads is unfortunate; however, I still think that a subscription here will be worthwhile - Mr. Blake's body of work is very much one worth exploring.


The Russian photographer behind Fedorov HD has some great content to offer you as well. The media options there are significantly improved and he works one on one with all of his pretty models. He has a real connection with the girls, who seem to adore him, and that relationship comes out in the nude sets, which are very well put together.

One can't discuss erotica without mentioning the giant in the room: MET Art. More than a million photographs, thousands of beautiful models and babes from around the world, and archives full of exemplary erotic art and film to explore.

And I recently visited MC Nudes and really enjoyed what they had to offer - high definition video, high resolution galleries, very beautiful girls. The focus there is on softcore and babe content, so if you enjoy nude art more along those lines, MC Nudes will be a fine choice.


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