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Eva's Garden review

Summary: Eva's Garden presents remarkable female beauty in fully nude photo series and HD movies at a very high level of quality. Pictures are aesthetically well done and available in extremely high resolution versions. Movies look just as great in 720p HD formats. The site is already big and a daily update ensures activity on the site. The fair price for this amount and type of content makes this a must-see for high res photo fans!

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Uli, 2010-07-13

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720p, artistic nudes, European models, glamour, solo posing

Intro promises

235,752 downloadable photographs - 189 High definition movies
Photographs: incredible quality up to 5600px/22Mpx
Movies: Passionate and sensual HDV
Top Models: Breathtaking Natural European Beauties
Interactivity: Where members of our Community can express themselves

The preview pics on the entrance site look good. There is also a free tour (top right). It leads to a page with sample picture with examples in full size (i.e. 3730x5600 pixel!). Below are two examples of movie trailers, sadly not in full size HDV, but scaled down. But nevertheless very crisp and clear example videos. Sadly that is all the preview we get, but you can browse all the gallery pages, the movies, the model sites and also the "fun section". So you can (nearly) go everywhere, you simply cannot view any content as long as you are not logged in as a member.

First impression

Obviously membership grants you access to all the content. My first impression? Impressive! You think I'm exaggerating or doing someone a favor? Forget that - this quality IS simply impressive! I guarantee that even if you think you can download this entire giant site, it's going to take more than just a few days. Definitely.


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Our opinion

Sites like these are absolutely dependent on their choice of girls/models. The models of Eva's Garden are, hm in lack of a better word, impressive. A BIG selection of young beautiful ladies, all kinds of types, different, individual, with marvelous and perfect bodies, all slender, but with explicit female curves - yummy! Whatever you like, blonde, dark, red haired etc. will be present. But don't expect too much hair down there! All ladies are shaved, either fully or have left a just a little bit of a landing strip.

The site presents full nudity and shows the girls from their best sides. But since it is an 100% softcore site, there will be nothing more than full nudity. Nothing. The absolute maximum of explicit posing is the girl spreading her pussy. There is no sexual action beyond that - even those few scenes with two girls are not really lesbian, but just two nude girls posing side by side.

I think the photographers (a whole group of photographers contribute to the site) do a great work. The pictures are really beautiful, smooth, soft, outline the characters of the girl and are well done by technical means. They are of course artsy and are meant to be, but are not far away from the original photos.

I already mentioned that the site is really big. I counted 45 gallery pages, each with 30 picture galleries. An average Eva's Garden gallery has 50 to 80 single pictures resulting in a grand total of more than 85,000 different pictures. Each gallery is available in three sizes 1000, 3000, 5000 pixel (the number describing the pixels on the photo's longest side). This may not sound like much at first, but that means that the 5000 pixel pictures have up to 20 Megapixel in total! Even the newest flatscreen 50" TV or super high res monitor wouldn't be able to show those in their native size - not even the 3000 pixel resolution. These photos are so large that they can be used for printouts. Nevertheless, Eva's Garden gives you the choice to view these super high res images. The picture file sizes are really big - even the 3000 pictures very often go beyond 1 MB per picture which results in really good quality. No doubt this site is a paradise for quality lovers.

The movies share their posing action with the pictures - it looks at least like they were done at the same shooting. They do have the same show-it-all-softcore-style as the pictures. They are of course top quality (what else would you expect from Eva's Garden?) and they are true HD (1280x720) - although not full HD (1080p) so we're not talking the same extreme level as the pics. The big video files are all in mov-format and have sizes around 300-400 MB. I counted ~360 movies on Eva's Garden. All the movies are also available in other formats (avi, wmv, iPod, PSP and 3GP) and in reduced sizes depending on the format you choose.

The site promotes its interactivity. This means, any photo set or movie can be commented and discussed by registered users in a forum. This happens quite often and there is a lot of applause in the air. You can create your own top list of models. I think it would be an improvement to the site if there were a sort of overall top list of the girls, which in fact does not exist currently. The fun section contains E-Cards, wallpapers and screen savers.

The design of the site is nice, color- and tasteful. It matches the style of the pictures very good. The black background makes the pictures look more bright and colorful - the text does not dominate the picture content. Thumbs fade in and out at mouse over in the gallery view. The site gives you lots of choices - all photo sets in three different sizes or downloadable as zip-files also in three different sizes - movies in lots of different formats and sizes.

When viewing the photo series you will have a contact sheet view of one whole photo series. The individual pictures open in a new browser window. The site updates daily with at least a new photo series, so the already big numbers explained above are still growing strong. The only issue I experienced was that you have to click through the gallery pages one by one each time you go back to the main gallery page - an option to remember my last page or jump to a given page is missing.


If you are into female beauty, a top selection of sexy and sensual models, soft and tasteful fine and artsy pics and movies - and all this in absolute top technical and photographic quality -- then you are more than welcome to enter Eva's Garden. And unless you require hardcore action or dirty sex, fetish or niche material, you have come to the right place. Eva's Garden offers fine aesthetic nude films and photographs of European models in top quality.

With a daily update it is still growing fast and has a quite comfortable sleek layout offering zip files for any picture content in multiple sizes making downloading your favorite sets pleasant. It also offers lots of different movie formats including HD and for the popular mobile devices.

A lonely glitch in the design is not enough to spoil an overall very positive impression of Evas Garden. The monthly price seems fair compared to its competitors and for a site like this one.


Screenshot 1 from members areaScreenshot 2 from members areaScreenshot 3 from members areaScreenshot 4 from members areaScreenshot 5 from members area


Image sample 1 from members areaImage sample 2 from members areaImage sample 3 from members areaImage sample 4 from members areaImage sample 5 from members area

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