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Vixen X review

Summary: Vixen X aims to provide top quality hot vixens. While the girls do look hot and the pictures are decent quality, it is not nearly good enough to compete with the glamour sites out there. Vixen X contains a modest 50 series of either pics or videos.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Melissa, 2007-06-15

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Intro promises

Have you ever opened up the tour area of a site and just felt like thereís class oozing from the borders of the page? Thatís the way I felt with Vixen X, maybe itís the silver background or the high quality layout they give with the girls through the model index, but it just looks like this site holds porn, but itís going to be done with taste and temptation. They do make regard to issues such as that they hold quality pictures, full length movies, frequent updates, and bonus sites. The list of ladies offered on this first page shows two dozen damsels that do not look like theyíre in distress at all, but they pledge to have even more within membership area.

First impression

As everyone knows, you have your tiers even when it comes to porn, and this seems to be teetering high on the list as far as what and how they present. You can open a site thatís showing hardcore shots and you know youíre in for a meat filled membership area, but this site just looks as though itís more of a wine instead of a beer site.


3 day $2.95 (recurring)
30 day $24.95 (recurring)
90 day $59.95 (recurring)

Credit card, Check, Phone

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Our opinion

Well, the mention of bonus sites definitely rings with actuality here, because when you first log onto the main membership page youíre greeted with everything they have to offer, there are sixteen sites for your dollar, counting Vixen X. Youíll need to click on the designated link for this site to gain information only about it, all of the recent updates offered down the center of this page covers all areas to this private porn pass.

No frills, no chills and no confusion when it comes to the navigation. Once I opened my intended site, it immediately goes into the sets. I found 46 installments here, but some are of the same girl, one may be of her in a movie while the other would be her photo folder. They do offer the dates that the material was added and from the look of things, thereís no real rhyme or reason to it, some shows 3-4 days between, while the last addition was done over a week ago. I guess when they talked about how often the updates are done, they meant to the entire network, not just this particular site, although thatís not the way they phrased it.

The girls here are pretty much your "standard" internet glamour models such as Aneta Keys, Eufrat and Susana Spears. They are all well known to the experienced reader and are found on numerous other sites. The action here is solo only. Stripping, posing and masturbating with and without toys.

For each movie there are approximately 5 screen caps each leading to a clip here, which play only in WMV. They also offer the full movie download in WMV and MPEG format. You basically have the same sort of play whether you choose the episodes or the full length, so even for dial up users that think the parcels will be quicker, well, they are but they arenít, they are still going to take a couple of minutes download.

But the quality was quite nice through the WMV choice, I found there to be a bitrate of 1328 Kbps and a video size of 448x352, and that was for all choices. The MPG played nicely as well, as far as the quality goes, but this isnít my favorite format to start with, it takes much too long to download and I canít gather information from it as far as the video size, etc. But as I said, the quality of play was very nice for both formats, and youíll see some seductive movements going on here. There is a lot of striptease, breast lifting, leg spreading and pussy touching action going on, along with toys being inserted to give them the moment of the big ďO.Ē

They kept the nice presentation going with the photographs to this site. The thumbs are nicely sized, presented with a uniformed layout and they are posed, not video captures. They enlarge to a nicely placed 800x1200 pixels, which doesnít exactly fill your entire screen, but itís definitely big enough to get your rocks off to. They have them do a lot of posing that is very similar to what youíll see being done through the videos, especially the up-skirt crotch shots of pretty panties that you can almost feel your tongue sucking the juices from.

That pretty much covers what this site holds as far as offered material, thereís nothing left to discuss except for the bonus sites, and those are; Asian Chicks White Dicks, Sperm Blasters, Sloppy Gaggers, Like Legs?, Over 18 Under 21, Secretary Hoes, Leash Sex, Stocking Stars and Back Stabbing Sluts.


Checking off my conclusion list of how well Vixen X held true on their intro promises, Iíd have to give them a halfway decent score. They did carry the high quality pictures although not as high as you could have hoped, the full length movies, recent updates and bonus sites. The number of picture series and videos though wasn't very high. A total of around 50 series isn't nearly high enough to satisfy the demanding picture lover. I would consider it more of a nice supplement to the site collection.

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